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Konrad Lorenz Universidad

Konrad Lorenz Universidad

Konrad Lorenz Universidad


I feel enormous pride in welcoming you all to Konrad Lorenz University’s website, it is a Colombian nonprofit private higher learning institution dedicated since 1981 to the pursuit, preservation, and dissemination of cultural and scientific knowledge.

Here, you can get updated information about the projects being carried out by the university in issues such as teaching, research, and social impact ones; university policies and general regulations that guide our running; the undergraduate, graduate, and master programs as well as the continuing education courses offered by the university; scholar, sport, cultural and social activities.

You can also check our library catalog and the full text of some of our scientific writings. If you are a university member you can access our database, check what is on the virtual platform, enroll assignments, check grades, be part of the institutional assessment processes, make online payments, among others.

If you are a first-time user, please watch our institutional video so in a guided and brief way you can see how things are one at Konrad Lorenz, what we have to offer, and what it means to be a member of our institution.


  • Cundinamarca

    Carrera 9a,62-27, 110231, Cundinamarca