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King Stage Master's in International Business and Sustainability
King Stage

Master's in International Business and Sustainability

London, United Kingdom

12 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

GBP 8,500 / per course



This programme is designed for individuals with a passion for sustainability and international business.

You will gain a clear understanding of the part a business plays in identifying and managing the challenges of sustainability. You will identify and review the key stakeholders and the role they play in an organisation, to guarantee the successful production of a sustainable business model.

You will be able to define sustainability and apply your knowledge to a range of current issues within the workplace. You will gain a clear understanding of the theories of sustainability in the international business environment and be able to link this back to the basic factors that shape the prospects for sustainability such as market forces and key environmental issues.

You will understand the key concepts, definitions and theories of international business and be able to identify and use the correct analytical tools available to evaluate an organisation’s involvement in the international business environment. Have a basic understanding of foreign trade and investment and the impact this has on the business taking into consideration any ethical implications.

Unlock your full potential


Are you an innovator, pioneer or problem-solver of tomorrow? Here at King Stage, we have created a dynamic learning environment to enable students like you to thrive and enhance their skillset.

Throughout the programme, you are taught the principles of business with our cutting-edge curriculum that includes: dynamic teaching, learning by doing methods and real-world projects with selected business partners. Our academic approach has been specifically designed to allow you to develop your interpersonal skills, lead change and make an impact in the business world.

Our world-class lecturers will be here to inspire you from day 1, share their passion and expertise. Guest speakers will also be invited to transform your understanding of business.

By the end of the programme, you will stand out from the crowd with this specialised Master's and you will be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Blended learning style


At King Stage, we have an innovative approach to teaching and learning.

We offer a unique academic journey, using an exciting combination of learning options including interactive face-to-face teaching, flipped classroom, field research and group work.


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