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Kaitseväe Akadeemia

Kaitseväe Akadeemia

Kaitseväe Akadeemia


Kaitseväe Akadeemia (hereinafter the Academy) is a national defense professional higher education institution within the meaning of the Professional Higher Education Institutions Act. The Estonian abbreviation of the Academy is "KVA". The Academy is a structural unit of the Defense Forces under the direct supervision of the Commander of the Defense Forces. In performing its duties, the Academy represents the state and the Defense Forces.

The name of the academy in English is Estonian Military Academy. The English abbreviation of the name of the Academy is "EMA". The academy is located in Tartu. The postal address of the Academy is Riia 12, 51010 Tartu. The Academy has two study complexes with locations in Tartu and Võru. The main task of the Academy is to prepare the commanders of the Defense Forces and to develop military science with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the management of the Defense Forces.


  • Tartu

    Riia,12, 51013, Tartu