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IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences Master Sustainable Chemistry and Digital Processing
IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences

Master Sustainable Chemistry and Digital Processing

Krems an der Donau, Austria

4 Semesters


Part time

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Sep 2024

EUR 6,900 / per semester **


* admission deadline for international non-EU students: 15th April of the respective year

** for non-EU citizens| tuition fees of EUR citizens: 363.36 per semester


Sustainable chemistry is driving the transformation in the industrial production of chemicals and materials, always aiming for resource efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Expertise in this field positions you for success in an evolving landscape!

Our master's degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Digital Processing responds to this trend with a novel study offering in the field of applied chemistry. Upon completion of your studies, you will be qualified to develop innovative projects at the intersection of chemistry, sustainability and digitalisation, lead multi-professional teams and tackle complex interdisciplinary challenges.

Sustainability meets digital solutions

In modern chemistry, sustainability aspects and the increased use of information technologies are gaining importance, leading to innovative solutions and new perspectives.

In the field of sustainable chemistry, your studies will involve exploring topics such as Green Chemistry, the utilisation of renewable resources, the implementation of efficient chemical recycling processes and the promotion of the circular economy. Additionally, regulatory and legal aspects are integrated into the curriculum.

In your studies, you will also learn how to optimally support and enhance your chemical projects through digitalisation and new technologies, as digitalisation is revolutionising the modern chemical industry and enabling a more sustainable circular economy. The focus is on the utilisation of chemistry-specific software solutions, artificial intelligence (AI), and computer-aided process planning. Additionally, you will gain insights into how major chemical corporations employ AI and powerful supercomputers – such as BASF’s Curiosity – to optimise their processes.

In this interplay between chemistry, sustainability and digitalisation, specialised expertise is highly sought after in the industry, contributing significantly to enhancing efficiency, conserving resources, and fostering innovation.

Unique in Austria

The English-language master's degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Digital Processing spans 4 semesters and aims to educate future experts in chemistry with a focus on sustainability and digitalisation – a combination unparalleled throughout Austria.

The international study environment prepares you effectively for an increasingly globalised market.

At IMC Campus Krems, Wing U, our students enjoy an excellent learning and research environment facilitated by the newly established laboratory infrastructure.

Close collaboration with the professional association of the chemical industry

The master's degree programme is tailored to the needs of the chemical industry. To ensure this, the programme was developed in collaboration with experts from the chemical industry and the professional association of the chemical industry in Austria, among others.

As a graduate, you can, therefore, make a sustainable and practice-oriented contribution to the industry, ensuring that the chemical industry continually evolves through innovations.

Likewise, you will benefit from excellent connections to the chemical industry and numerous opportunities for collaboration during your studies and beyond.

Exceptional opportunities for career advancement and PhD pursuits

Upon completion of the programme, numerous avenues will be available to you. Due to the international focus of the course, job opportunities arise in both the domestic and global chemical industry, as well as in various PhD programmes at home and abroad.

*Subject to approval by AQ Austria


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