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HELLENIC OPEN UNIVERSITY Master of Science in Interaction Generative Design (IGD)

Master of Science in Interaction Generative Design (IGD)

Patras, Greece

1 Years


Full time, Part time

Request application deadline

Mar 2024

EUR 3,000



In Interaction Generative Design the designer can define goals and the parameters that affect the design result, such as geometry, material, and construction method, and produce all possible versions of the design problem solution based on selected data (this is the relevance of the design process to evolutionary morphogenesis processes in nature). The designer can move within different solutions and choose the most suitable. Apart from the design phase, the implemented product can interact with the resident, the visitor, or the observer of the space/object, in a continuous transformation, depending on the condition it is called to serve.

Algorithmic design essentially aims to structure a way of thinking about the design management of different design parameters and the construction of the designed product, whether it is space or an action (i.e. performance). These parameters involve both with the geometry of the object or space being designed and the interaction of the designed object with the physical space in which it is intended to be placed. Thus, in combination with the principles of Interaction Generative Design, the product/action designer can control, not only the structure and form of the object or space but also its interaction with the natural space and with its visitor through the design process.

Through Machine Based Algorithmic Design, the designer can introduce into the design process the way contemporary machines work. This is a crucial parameter in designing, which mainly determines the structure of the object, as well as the wiring of its elements, but in many cases also affects its shape.

Algorithmic design not only organizes the principles around the design of a space or object but also enters specialized cognitive fields, such as the design of the sound of an action, the design of a performance, where performers interact with space, as well as graphic design, whose structure can be parametrically influenced by the environment in which it is located.

In Greece, there is a complete lack of relevant studies, on the subject of Interaction Generative Design, from the process of conception and configuration to the stage of implementation using contemporary construction methods. This gap will be filled by the Hellenic Open University through the MSc Interaction Generative Design.

Overview of the Programme

ECTS Credits of the Program

The total number of ECTS required for the acquisition of the Master’s degree is 90 ECTS.

Characterization of the Postgraduate Program

Master of Science in Interaction Generative Design (M.Sc. Interaction Generative Design)

Classification according to the UNESCOCode ISCED-2011

Based on the level of study: 7

Classification according to the UNESCOCode ISCED-2013

Based on the field of Education and Training:

  • 0788 Inter-disciplinary programs and qualifications involving engineering, manufacturing, and construction in the following sectors:
  • 0731 Architectural urban design and planning
  • 0731 Architecture
  • 0731 Building design
  • 0731 landscape architecture
  • 0731 Structural architecture
  • 0211 Graphic design
  • 0211 Interactive media design
  • 0212 Design of Industrial Products
  • 0212 Interior Architecture
  • 0541 Geometry
  • 0612 Computer media application
  • 0613 Computer programming

Language of instruction

The language of instruction of the program, as well as of the Master’s thesis, is English.

Duration of studies

The minimum duration for the completion of the program. The minimum duration of study is one and a half (1 ½) academic years, i.e. three (3) semesters.



Program Outcome

Program Tuition Fee

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