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Grubb Institute


The Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies Limited is an applied research foundation working globally to enable leaders, managers and others to achieve a personal and organisational purpose, using their values, passions, faiths and beliefs as resources for transforming their organisations and communities.

It is a registered company limited by guarantee (registered in England and Wales No. 890637) and a registered charity (No. 313460).

Our Heritage

We were established as a Christian foundation in 1957 as The Christian Teamwork Trust which worked at issues of faith, life and education in people's working lives. The Trust's work in understanding human behaviour led to involvement in the early development of the group relations movement. The change of name to the Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies in 1969 was a recognition of the fact that since 1966 the Trust had been winning consultancy assignments and applied research projects in which it was now seen as a professional body, competing in the secular world of universities, research bodies and management consultancies.

In the 70's and 80's the Institute submerged itself in the critical social issues of the time through, for example, seminal work with the Prison Service, the Transition to Working Life Program for the Unemployed and even work with the Communities in Northern Ireland during the height of the Troubles.

The 1990's saw the development of key frameworks and methodologies arising out of our experience. In the early 1990's this experience gained in transforming Institutions led to the development of the Transforming Experience Framework. Since then, these conceptual frameworks and methodologies have been continuously tested, redeveloped and adapted to education, health and social care, business, industry, government agencies, the voluntary sector and religious organisations.

The practice and theory of the Grubb Institute has turned out to be very contemporary: it has been a humanistic approach, in the best sense, which has turned out to have a theological validity - a validity which has come from the positive and often transformative impact the Institute has had and continues to have on persons, communities and institutions.

Our distinctiveness lies in our integrated approach which aligns expertise derived from human sciences with faith and belief, through applied research to generate a positive and transforming effect in society. Our contribution is to offer opportunities that liberate people to choose roles in organisations and communities that are not just good for the individual but good for all.

What we believe

We need to challenge complacency, assumptions, blame and scepticism; to rethink misdirected political correctness and the inability to tell the truth and the constant need to tell people what they think they need to hear.

Ultimately, success is enabling people to do the best job they possibly can. We believe in helping people to see that they have more potential than they think they have.

If there is no clear leadership or vision, people make up their own rules and that just doesn’t work. Once a purpose is clear, people will naturally decide if they are for it and are willing to work for it, or not. An aligned team will naturally foster teamwork.


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    The Grubb Institute 49-51 East Road , N1 6AH, London