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ESSEC Business School MSc in Marketing Management and Digital (MSc MMD)
ESSEC Business School

MSc in Marketing Management and Digital (MSc MMD)

Singapore, Singapore

1 Years


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Designed for marketers and digital specialists in this age of complexity, the ESSEC MSc in Marketing Management and Digital will enable you to acquire the concepts and tools of marketing and digital as well as the fundamentals of management.

With the burgeoning success of the luxury industry, the concept of luxury brand management has also become increasingly relevant for many different industry sectors. You will learn about brand value and management in the luxury business and how the luxury market has evolved with the age of digitalization.

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About the Program

Our program fully taught in Singapore, place our students at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region. Asia sees one of the world’s highest rates of digital adoption, and the whole of Asia-Pacific has become the largest digital retail market in the world.

Empowered by digital technologies, marketers now find themselves facing consumers who are better informed, highly impatient and more discerning. What it takes to engage such consumers involves providing the right information at the right time, all the time. A challenge in which digital marketing is well poised to meet.

We also see growing sophistication in the next generation of Asian consumers. These consumers don’t just want the best product in the world, they want products tailored to their tastes and provide unique experiences. Part of this growing sophistication resulted in an increased appetite for luxury in Asia.

The concept of luxury has also evolved. No longer is the definition of luxury linked to the more traditional idea of conspicuous consumption. Now luxury is replaced by an emphasis on quality, authenticity, and uniqueness. Luxury marketing has always been about experiences, a marketer trained in luxury marketing offer a unique competence in experience marketing.

To gear up for this brand-new group of consumers, it is not surprising that the most sought-after skills in recent year for a marketer has to do with digital and experiential marketing. It is with this aim in mind that we developed the MSc in Marketing Management and Digital.

With special emphasis on digital and luxury marketing, we aim to equip our students with the skills set, knowledge and experiences to thrive as a modern marketer. There is great synergy between digital and luxury marketing given that luxury brands are increasingly using digital media to court and engage consumers.


Our professors are known for their academic excellence, global frame of mind and outstanding teaching methods.

In fact, our professors from the Department of Marketing at ESSEC regularly conduct research on topics including business strategy, consumer behavior, and marketing decision support. They have also been published in some of the most highly regarded academic journals, including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research; Marketing Science; Journal of Consumer Research.

In addition to our full-time faculty, you can look forward to learning from our industry lecturers and practitioners, who bring with them a wealth of expertise, experience, and networks.



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