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ESIC Business & Marketing School Master in Tourism Marketing Management [MMT]
ESIC Business & Marketing School

Master in Tourism Marketing Management [MMT]

Madrid, Spain

12 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 17,400



Specialized in luxury tourism marketing and communication with a master's degree in tourism marketing management.

The MMT is a specialized program aimed at training you in marketing and communication in the tourism industry with a special focus on the luxury segment. You will study current content aimed at its practical application, either in the communication and marketing departments of luxury hotels or in communication agencies specialized in luxury tourism, autonomous communities that want to promote this type of tourism, cities, etc. The master's degree offers you a deep vision and a current study of the luxury tourism segment and the importance of the brand. The program includes subjects in marketing, communication, event organization, protocol and international public relations, digital marketing, social media, sustainability, gastronomy, health tourism, luxury cruises and yachts, luxury hotel design, etc.

Once you finish the program, you will be able to obtain the title of Master of Lifelong Training in Luxury Tourism Marketing issued by ESIC University.

Why study Luxury Tourism Marketing and Communication?

The luxury tourism segment is one of the fastest growing sectors and hotels and agencies demand marketing and communication specialists with an international vision, willingness to innovate and creative capacity.

Global vision

The program allows you to obtain from the beginning an overview of the tourism industry and especially of the luxury tourism segment, analyzing the current challenges of the sector and evaluating specific strategies and trends of companies, luxury hotels, agencies specialized in management and customization of luxury trips of all types, luxury tourism communication agencies, public relations, events, etc. The importance of sustainability and new innovation processes is also studied, as well as experience design, health and wellness tourism, cruises, gastronomy and luxury brand purchases.


Strategic importance is given to the excellence of the brand and its narrative: destinations, hotels, experiences, etc. Customer knowledge and communication today would be impossible without taking into account all the changes that have occurred in the digital field and social media, as well as in preferred luxury destinations. The digital transformation that has occurred in some cities and the importance of organizing events is also discussed in depth.

Global Scenario

The ability to adapt to change in a global scenario and the acquisition of skills and competencies that every communication expert should have are analyzed.

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