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ENAE Business School Executive Master’s in International MBA
ENAE Business School

Executive Master’s in International MBA

Murcia, Spain

10 Months


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 11,900 / per year *

Blended, Distance learning

* for Blended | for Online: 10.900€


The aim of the Master’s in Sustainable Business Management (International MBA) is to immerse students in a journey of experiential learning. This journey equips them to confront new challenges in a globalized world, with a strong emphasis on creating economic prosperity for businesses.

Additionally, it fosters inclusive development that promotes social progress, aligning with their professional commitment and mandate.

  • Innovative and practical training
  • Gaining a global market perspective Networking events
  • Collaborative environment
  • Networking events

Our vision

ENAE Business School’s International MBA is the solution that executives and entrepreneurs turn to when embarking on a journey toward business excellence through education.

The challenges and demands faced by business leaders call for a strategic vision, multidisciplinary knowledge, the ability to anticipate change, and the capacity to add unique value to their companies.

This is achieved by integrating cross-cutting elements such as sustainability, innovation, and a corporate culture that places people at the forefront.

The path to success is always under construction. The Executive MBA program is the most highly regarded training program for achieving success in senior management, with over 28 editions that attest to its effectiveness and teaching quality. Continuous improvement is one of the core values of leaders. That’s why this program is designed for active entrepreneurs and executives who aspire to achieve excellence in leadership, as well as professionals from all fields who wish to evolve and further their education in corporate management.

This Master’s offers a unique opportunity for professional growth, knowledge update, the discovery of new management methodologies, and meeting the demand for leaders who are guiding companies towards the future. The MBA education must instruct and instill the importance of analyzing and developing techniques that have been successfully tested in business management.


Accreditation Master’s programs in the United States are granted by educational institutions licensed to operate as universities. In the case of Panamerican University, this license is granted and regulated by the Florida Commission for Independent Education (FCIE), a part of the Florida Department of Education. Academic degrees from the United States are recognized by Commonwealth member countries and transferable in most countries worldwide.

360 Learning

Through our new training model, students may select the training modality that best suits their needs: either 100% online or a combination of in-person and online classes, without losing the opportunity to interact with their teachers and classmates in real-time.

The essence of in-person training is maintained through a live platform that facilitates online classes. This new training model is complemented by a Virtual Campus in which the student has access to all learning resources, class recordings, as well as additional content such as webinars and online resources.

By combining the best of both worlds, which include in-person training and online training, this model provides students with greater flexibility, custom training, and the development of digital skills.

Choose your modality:

  • Online learning
  • Blended Learning with a Stay
  • On Campus



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