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EAE Business School Barcelona Máster en Recursos Humanos Part Time
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Máster en Recursos Humanos Part Time

12 Months


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The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development Part Time provides you with a strategic vision of human capital and a deep knowledge of the key areas of people management in the company. This master's degree brings you closer to the latest technological trends and is complemented by the development of essential soft skills for any managerial position, such as leadership, negotiation and communication. In addition, while you are studying the Master, you will develop your network of professional contacts through your classmates, our faculty and all the opportunities to approach managers and companies that being part of the EAE community offers you.

The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development Part Time is aimed at professionals who need a more flexible format to make their professional life compatible. The program is offered in person on weekends (part time weekend). Unlike the Master in Human Resources and Full Time Talent Development, the profile of the Executive Master participant has an average of six years of professional experience, thus contributing his career to the discussion and dynamics in the classroom.

Talent management is essential to business success, as demonstrated by the world's most successful companies, which are the most concerned with attracting and retaining talented people. Strategic workforce planning is even more important than financial planning, and is already at the heart of any business. During the Master in Human Resources and Talent Development Part Time you will learn about labor relations, talent attraction and management, financial metrics and analysis, compensation and benefits, project management and new trends in training and development.

The master's degree is offered in Spanish with a duration of twelve months on both campuses, Madrid or Barcelona, with calls in October and April.

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Reasons to choose the Master in Human Resources and Talent Development Part Time

We could give you many more. Some as important as employing you, renewing yourself, projecting yourself to the world. But here we offer you five specific reasons that explain why taking this master's degree is a safe bet:

1. Innovation and strategy

An innovative program where you will train in all areas of HR, enhance your management skills in today's environment and develop both strategic vision and project leadership skills.

2. Flexibility

The weekend format is the one that best fits the agenda of active professionals who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills, and make their studies compatible with their work.

3. Leadership, Technology and Collaboration

You can complement the master's with a two-week program during the summer in Miami, at Florida International University. The program covers the most innovative content on conscious leadership, leading for transformational change , diversity and inclusion, among other trends in the sector.

4. Executive professional advice

With our Professional Careers team, you are going to benefit from tailored advice that will allow you to update and continue to grow professionally.

5. HRCI professional certification

The program includes the necessary contents so that you can present yourself and successfully complete the exam to obtain the Human Resources Certification Institute certification. Dare to overcome this challenge and get a valuable international accreditation.


  • Top 22 Among the best business schools in the world - América Economía 2019
  • Top 40 Among the best MBAs in Europe - QS Global MBA 2020
  • Top 150 Among the best MBAs in the world - QS Global MBA 2019


Employment report

  • 85% Students obtained new job offers at the end of the master's degree
  • 98% EAE students who carry out internships obtain them thanks to the Professional Careers department.
  • + 7,000 job offers and internships published in 2018


At EAE we know that talented students of the Master in Human Resources and Talent Development Part Time positively inspire us and are an engine of progress for our community. EAE scholarships reward your efforts on your path to excellence in Human Resources, and are a commitment to equality and social justice that broadens the opportunities to access our educational programs.

  • 25% of students receive financial aid
  • 12 Own financing for 12 months without interest
  • 4 different types of EAE scholarships

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