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Dong-eui University


The Dong-Eui Educational Incorporation (DEI) was established "to promote the national prosperity through education" in 1966 by the late Dr. Kim Im-Sik. Since then, the DEI, which includes Dong-Eui University, Dong-Eui Institute of Technology, Dong-Eui Technical High School, and Dong-Eui Middle School, has contributed to the development of the nation and the region by educating numerous talented people; and its opening of Dong-Eui Medical Center has added to its contribution to society by serving the community wholeheartedly.

Dong-Eui University, which has achieved remarkable growth through the last 38 years of experience in higher education, is now carrying forward its role as a hub of global leader education beyond the region. We, with our strong will to open a new history, will create the best educational atmosphere for our 18,000 students to equip themselves with the competency and competitiveness required for the age of limitless competition.

"Dong-Eui-Ji-Chun," the founding spirit of Dong-Eui University, advocates educating students to have an insightful understanding of the world through academic training and personality cultivation. With this spirit in mind, we will continue to produce future leaders who will be able to cope with the waves of changes successfully in the ever-more rapidly changing domestic and international environments.

Dear students! I hope that you, as the driving force behind the advancement of the nation and the region in the 21st century, will keep cultivating creative thinking and courage to rise to new challenges. Dong-Eui University is ready, able, and willing to assist your dream of courage and hope. Please devote yourselves to academic exploration and career development so that you can be the one who opens up a better, more promising future.


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