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Corvinus University of Budapest MSc in Marketing
Corvinus University of Budapest

MSc in Marketing

Budapest, Hungary

4 Semesters


Full time

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Sep 2023

EUR 3,400 / per semester *


* per semester for non-EEA applicants


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  • Department responsible for the program: Institute of Marketing
  • Program instructor: Dr. Bauer András
  • Bachelor's degree program: Marketing
  • Specialization: Economic Science
  • Program time in semesters: 4 semesters
  • Program language: English
  • Site/Location: Budapest
  • Division: Full time
  • Program Type: Normal

The course offers you the opportunity to benefit from the full range of joint core subjects shared with other master programs including managerial courses in quantitative methods, business economics, leadership, managerial accounting, corporate finance, business law, and marketing management. It also gives you the chance of obtaining a double degree with the CEMS program. Conquer positions in the fields of media, global business, and online marketing industries including FMCG and SME sectors - we will show you how! Apply now!

Tuition fee: 880 000 HUF (≈2700 EUR) per semester for EEA applicants, 3400 EUR per semester for non-EEA applicants.

The level of qualification attainable in the Master's program, and the title of the certification

  • Qualification level: master- (magister, abbreviation: MSc).
  • Qualification in Hungarian: okleveles közgazdász marketing szakon.
  • Qualification in English: Economist in Marketing.

Degrees accepted for admittance into the Master's program

Accepted with the complete credit value: from the economic sciences field, the Economics and Management, Commerce and Marketing, International Economics, and Finance and Accounting undergraduate degrees, and from the technical field, the Technical Management undergraduate degree.

May be primarily considered with the completion of the credits defined: from the economic sciences field, the Human Resources, Tourism and Catering, Applied Economics, and Vocational Instruction in Public Service and Business undergraduate degrees.

May also be considered with the completion of the credits defined: undergraduate and Master’s courses and courses as defined as per Act LXXX of 1993 on higher education that is accepted by the higher education institution’s credit transfer committee based on a comparison of the studies that serve as the basis of the credits.

For persons with degrees defined the minimal requirements of admittance to the Master's program training cycle

For entering the Master’s program, a minimum of 30 credits is necessary from the following subject areas:

  • Methodology studies (mathematics, statistics, informatics) 8-12 credits;
  • Theoretical economics studies (micro and macroeconomy, international economy, regional economy, economic history) 8-12 credits;
  • Business studies (corporate economics, corporate finances, marketing, accounting, management, human resources) 10-14 credits.

The number of credits to be completed for the Master's degree: 120 credits

  • Degree orientation: balanced (40-60 percent).
  • Thesis credit value: 15 credits.
  • The minimum credit value of optional courses: 6 credits.

International Standard Classification of Education field of education code: 342

Master's degree training objectives

The objective of the program is the training of marketing experts who perform marketing activities in various business and non-business organizations, institutions, and enterprises. With their attained theoretical and practical skills, they are capable of developing a marketing strategy, managing various marketing activities and projects, various organizations, processes, and professional programs, defining the content of the necessary marketing tools, coordinating the execution of tasks, communication with internal and external functions and organizations. It is capable of communicating in written, oral forms, and modern info-communication tools in two foreign languages. They are prepared to continue their training at the Ph.D. level.

Professional properties

The scientific fields and areas that the training is based on are:

economic and social science studies (modern economic theories, decision theory and methodology studies, business and management of organizations and enterprises, strategic management, financial management, issues in marketing management, planning and managing value-creating and logistical processes) 25-40 credits;

Marketing Studies [environmental and market analysis planning and execution, planning marketing research, its methodology, marketing information and decision support systems, consumption theory and consumer behavior analysis, distribution management, sales process management, supply chain management, product and brand management, integrated marketing communication, communication strategy, and its tools, economic and competition law studies, marketing strategy planning and execution, marketing-controlling, intercultural and international marketing studies, social science methodologies, learning and applying cutting-edge professional results] 30-40 credits.

The ratio of credits of optional specializations and professional modules in the program: 30-45 credits.

Foreign language requirements

To obtain a master's degree, the student must have at least one intermediate "B2” complex type state-recognized English language examination, or an intermediate "B2” complex type language examination in another living foreign language accepted by the relevant field of study, or a state-recognized upper level (C1) complex type general foreign language examination or an equivalent high school graduation certificate or diploma is required).

Internship requirements

The program may be accompanied by an internship. The internship requirements are defined by the program’s curriculum.

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