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Corvinus University of Budapest MSc in Finance
Corvinus University of Budapest

MSc in Finance

Budapest, Hungary

4 Semesters


Full time

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Sep 2023

EUR 3,400 / per semester *


* per semester for non-EEA applicants


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  • Department responsible for the program: Institute of Finance, Accounting, and Business Law
  • Program instructor: Dr. Berlinger Edina
  • Bachelor's degree program: Finance
  • Specialization: Economic Science
  • Program time in semesters: 4 semesters
  • Program language: English
  • Site/Location: Budapest
  • Division: Full time
  • Program Type: Normal

Finance and/or Accounting, get ready for the challenges of the financial market, financial modeling, and financial management including digital business transformation in the general business and financial environment! Grab the unique opportunity to obtain a double degree if you take part in the CEMS program of the course. Be in top positions in major banking and financial consulting in a multinational, start-up, or SME companies. Apply now!

Tuition fee: 880 000 HUF (≈2700 EUR) per semester for EEA applicants, 3400 EUR per semester for non-EEA applicants.

The level of qualification attainable in the Master's program, and the title of the certification

  • Qualification level: master- (magister, abbreviation: MSc).
  • Qualification in Hungarian: okleveles közgazdász pénzügy szakon.
  • Qualification in English: Economist in Finance.

Degrees accepted for admittance into the Master's program

Accepted with the complete credit value: BA/BSc in Finance and Accounting

BA in Business Administration and Management.

[1] Other degrees may also be considered with the completion of the credits defined in section 9.4 undergraduate and Master’s courses and courses as defined as per Act LXXX of 1993 on higher education that is accepted by the higher education institution’s credit transfer committee based on a comparison of the studies that serve as the basis of the credits.

[1] Established by Section 2 (2), Appendix 1 of the Ministry of Human Capacities decree 31/2017. (XII. 5.) Effective from: 6/XII/2017

For persons with degrees defined the minimal requirements of admittance to the Master’s program training cycle

  • 15 ECTS credits from the field of methodological studies (Mathematics, Statistics, IT).
  • 10 ECTS credits from economic foundation courses (micro- and macroeconomics, international economics, environmental management, economic theory, economic statistics, history of economic theory, business modeling, economic policy, EU economy, world and the European economy, public policy).
  • 10 ECTS credits from business foundation courses ( business economics, accounting, controlling, HR, business law, marketing, management and organization, management of value-creating processes, decision-making skills, and methodology, business ethics, strategic planning, business communication).
  • 10 ECTS credits from social sciences: EU, general and business law, economic history, sociology, psychology, philosophy.
  • 15 ECTS credits from finance-related subjects (finance, financial and capital markets, banking, financial policy, knowledge of taxation, business finance, business valuation).

[1] Established by Section 2 (2), Appendix 2 of the Ministry of Human Capacities decree 31/2017. (XII. 5.) Effective from: 6/XII/2017

The number of credits to be completed for the Master's degree: 120 credits

  • Degree orientation: balanced (40-60 percent).
  • Thesis credit value: 30 credits.
  • The minimum credit value of optional courses: 6 credits.

International Standard Classification of Education field of education code: 343

Master's degree training objectives

The objective of the program is to train professionals who, with their financial and economic knowledge are capable of – even when compared at the international level –a competitive, state-of-the-art, high standard theoretical, methodological, and practical competencies of an individual, creative, economic approach oriented thinking. They are able to lead and analyze - at the micro- and macro levels - the financial processes of the economy. Their expertise in business and methodology and their consciously developed managerial skills they are suitable to work in various fields of domestic and international economic and business life in both the governmental and the private sectors. Graduates can fulfill finance-related tasks and can also analyze and enrich finance-related professional literature. Graduates of the program are prepared to continue their studies at the Ph.D. level.

Professional properties

The scientific fields and areas that the training is based on are:

  • Foundation subjects in the fields of business and social sciences (quantitative decision-making skills, mathematical-statistical analysis, financial economics, financial law, research methods): 30-50 credit.
  • Professional knowledge in finance (advanced business finance, advanced finance, analysis of financial markets, investments, risk management, and measuring, taxation, analysis of financial accounts, history of financial theory): 20-40 credits.
  • Further studies can include applied business analysis, crisis management, financial controlling, investment and financing decisions, bond and equity markets, derivative markets, empirical finance, financial policy, tax theory, and policy, etc.: 25-45 credits.

Foreign language requirements

As the program is conducted fully in English, there are no outgoing foreign language requirements. At the same time, the degree certificate of the program is also equivalent in Hungary to a C1 level English language proficiency.

Requirements for admission to the program:

Proof of English language proficiency

  • TOEFL iBT 83 or above, or
  • IELTS overall band 6.5 or above

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