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College of Charleston Environmental and Sustainability Studies, M.S.
College of Charleston

Environmental and Sustainability Studies, M.S.

Charleston, USA

2 Years


Full time

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USD 3,444 / per semester *


* Tuition (6 hours per semester): $3,444 for resident; $9,036 for Non-resident.


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Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Master of Science (37 Credit Hours)

This interdisciplinary program will prepare you for the challenges of a career in the environmental field. As a student of environmental policy, you’ll focus on the development and implementation of public policy responses to environmental issues, especially the economic, political and social factors that are an intrinsic part of the policymaking process. If you are more interested in the science behind policy issues, you’ll acquire a solid foundation based on the ways information should be used to assess environmental and societal risk and the relevant policies. Coursework is in environmental science and policy as is the laboratory work and field research.

The MES Program at the College of Charleston has been designed to provide students with an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems through graduate-level studies of both Policy and Science.

This interdisciplinary focus allows us to address a wide variety of resources, development, and planning pressures that currently face society. Through our core and elective course curriculum, faculty expertise, and specialization development (the clustering of courses in areas such as coastal and wetlands management, environmental planning, and environmental hazards), the MES Program provides training that addresses each of these challenges. Our alumni are finding employment in a wide variety of fields, where their training in both Science and Policy serves them well.

As an interdisciplinary program, the MES Program is not housed in a single academic department at the College of Charleston. Instead, six departments (Biology, Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science, and Economics) contribute to the core and elective coursework and faculty time to the program. Faculty from many other departments and off-campus institutes and agencies are an invaluable part of the MES Program as well.



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