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Chalmers University of Technology MSc in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology

MSc in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

Gothenburg, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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SEK 160,000 / per year



Civil engineers play a crucial role in developing infrastructure and supporting human development in a sustainable manner. Issues such as soil and water contamination, lack of access to safe drinking water, and unsustainable use of resources remain major obstacles to global sustainability, while the growing threat of climate change and problems arising from rapid urbanization pose new challenges.

Infrastructure and environmental engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field that includes everything from traffic and road engineering, urban metabolism, and water system engineering, to geotechnical and environmental engineering. Infrastructure investment also constitutes a considerable part of the global economy. Safe, economical, and sustainable development is therefore heavily reliant on the continued progress of civil engineering technologies.

The program is a response to this enormous societal need for qualified competence in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure systems. It promotes the personal development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to start working as a professional engineer in the field.

This program will prepare you for a long-lasting professional career in the field, with a comprehensive focus on skills including planning, construction, and operation processes, the ability to work methodically and in teams, lead project work and present results, to critically review and develop technical solutions, and to use modern engineering tools. You will make use of real-case scenarios provided by industry and society, benefiting from excellent links to national and international industrial partners.

Core subjects covered in the program include sustainable environment and water system engineering , as well as courses on topics such as wastewater, traffic and road engineering, urban metabolism, geotechnics, and more.

Sweden is surrounded by one of the planet’s most sensitive ocean environments, with a fragile and complex landmass, resulting in some of the strictest environmental and building regulations in the world. Consequently, Sweden enjoys an excellent reputation within the field of infrastructure and environmental engineering, and this program offers an internationally unique profile. We are closely linked to several large, active research projects and the majority of our faculty are highly involved in research as well.

The integration of professional experience into education is an important part of the program and after graduation, you will be very well-prepared to enter the market in a professional role.


Civil and environmental engineers with a strong background in both infrastructure and environmental engineering are sought after and will be so also in the future, both nationally and internationally. Our previous students have had a high level of employability within companies like; Sweco, Skanska, NCC, Veolia, Göteborg kretslopp och vatten, and Trafikverket, to name a few.

In Sweden, many large infrastructure projects are planned, including road and railways construction, traffic planning, upgrading of drinking water and wastewater plants, and remediation of contaminated sites. Other fields of work are; the protection of soil and water resources, the foundation of structures and buildings, tunnels, and the design of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, and distribution systems.

Adaptation to climate change and urbanization will increase the need even further. Internationally there is an immense continued need for competent engineers in this sector, both within and perhaps even more outside Europe.

With a Master’s degree in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, you will usually work with design, maintenance, construction, and research in the field of civil and environmental engineering. Others may attain supervisory or administrative positions, especially on an international level.


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