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Centrale Méditerranée, we have a world to transform

Centrale Méditerranée is one of the most prestigious public engineering schools in France which belongs to the Ecoles Centrale group, an internationally reputed higher education group with a powerful global network of 35,000 alumni.

Employers recognize the strong scientific and technical skills of Ecoles Centrale's graduates and their capacity to design and lead complex and innovative projects.

  • Research environment: Centrale Méditerranée's faculty members belong to 8 laboratories in chemistry, physics, photonics, mechanics, chemical engineering, and computer sciences. These top-ranked laboratories are linked to the National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) and are renowned for their high-quality scientific research in France and abroad.
  • Student life: Student clubs are part of the student experience; International students, Engineers without Borders, Sports&Sailing, Arts, Fablab Marseille, Ginfo (IT), and E-Gab (robotics) among others. During your student life, you will develop a spirit of mutual success and human respect, the determination to initiate solutions and solve problems, and a sense of environmental and societal responsibility.

Study in Marseille or Nice and discover the South of France 300 sunny days per year!


Centrale Méditerranée is putting in place governance capable of anticipating the future, responding to everyday challenges, open to the collective intelligence and creativity of the people who walk its campus every day: students, teachers, and staff.'

Vision, Mission, Values

The Centrale Méditerranée brand is our common point of support to guide the way we talk about the school and the Centrale Méditerranée project. It meets our need for coherence around what brings us together. The new identity reflects the brand and supports our messages.

Our Vision

Humanity faces unprecedented challenges in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

To respond to this, science and technology must be put at the service of the common good.

Organizations therefore need new generations of innovative engineers and managers, open to cooperation and internationally and imbued with a great sense of responsibility.

Our Mission

  • Form
  • Seek
  • Innovate

To enable our learners to become scientific managers involved in the transformation of organizations and the world.

Our Values

  • The requirement
  • Innovation
  • The search for the common good
  • Openness to others and the world

Campus Features


Marseille, a Phocaean city, rich in 2,600 years of history, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, has many assets: the sea, the sun, nature, and culture.
Classified as a city of art and history, it is developing its economic and cultural dynamism, which is currently booming.

Often stigmatized, it is today experiencing a strong resurgence in attractiveness and is identified as a lung for creative youth. Winner of the European label “100 carbon neutral cities by 2030”, the City of Marseille and the Metropolis are working together on structuring projects to move towards carbon neutrality.

The second largest public research center in France, the region also hosts the second largest contingent of CNRS personnel.
At the same time, the territory is also marked by the development at the highest level of numerous industrial sectors, particularly in the fields of aeronautics, microelectronics, transport, energy, chemistry, etc.


Nice, it's Promenade des Anglais, it's approximately 300 days of sunshine, and it's snow-capped mountains in the background.

A dynamic city and region with a rich cultural offering, punctuated by one of the most famous carnivals in the world, several internationally renowned jazz festivals, and also the Cannes Festival.

Nice Côte d'Azur brings together 2,700 researchers for around 26,000 students in cutting-edge sectors such as

  • Microelectronics

  • Telecommunications and networks

  • Software engineering

  • The space and aeronautical industry

  • Life and environmental sciences

  • Health-biotechnologies-agrochemistry

  • The aromatic industry.

Nice is also the second national conference center after Paris and one of the very first European centers in the medical field.

Today this territory has launched a new challenge: building the Côte d'Azur of the 21st century. As part of the ongoing National Interest Operation, the Var Plain is intended to become the backbone of this new economic universe with a brand new business district, an urban technopoly, and eco-districts... is where Centrale Méditerranée is located.

    Scholarships and Funding

    So that no engineering student or student is, for financial reasons, penalized in their education, there are numerous financing aids in different forms.

    Financing Aid

    Currently, any French student can obtain, depending on their family situation:

    • A national higher education scholarship (bcs) granted by the Rectorate,

    • A departmental Higher Education scholarship granted by certain General Councils (file to be collected from the town hall of the family home),

    • An honorary loan granted by the Rectorate,

    • A travel grant (depending on the country of destination) by the Rectorate,

    • A mobility grant from the Ministry of National Education.

    Other Financing

    Other aid and loans exist and are granted in particular, student loans guaranteed by the State, without guarantee or resource conditions, are offered by banks (Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Banques Populaires, and the Savings banks).

    Erasmus+ Allowance

    The Erasmus + allowance is awarded to students carrying out part of their studies in Europe as part of an inter-establishment exchange.

    This aid can be combined with the BCS scholarship.

    International mobility assistance

    International mobility assistance, amounting to €400 per month, is a supplement paid, among other things, to BCS scholarship holders for study stays abroad of between 2 and 9 consecutive months.

    You must contact the school's international relations department:

    • Ecole Centrale Marseille

    The pier, Plot 3

    To enable you to complete your course at Centrale Méditerranée in the best possible conditions, the Centrale Méditerranée graduates association has entered into a partnership with Crédit Agricole Alpes-Provence.

    This gives access to bank loans under very privileged conditions.


    • Marseille

      Pôle de l'Etoile, Technopole de Château Gombert, 38 rue Joliot-Curie, Marseille Cedex 13. , 13451 , Marseille

    • Nice

      Bâtiment Premium Meridia, 61/63 Avenue Simone Veil Nice., 06200, Nice