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Barcelona Culinary HUB Master in Sustainable Gastronomic Product and Creativity
Barcelona Culinary HUB

Master in Sustainable Gastronomic Product and Creativity

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

12 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 8,600

Distance learning


Objectives of the Master in Sustainable Gastronomic Product and Creativity

The main objective of the master's degree in Product Innovation and Sustainable Gastronomic Creativity is to offer growth and/or specialization to professionals in the sector in the creation, design, development and implementation of current and future cooking models through the three main gastronomic products. : meat, fish and vegetables. Know the various innovative forms of gastronomic product management in haute cuisine linked to sustainable, circular and ecological production, distribution and marketing models.

Specific objectives

The Master in Sustainable Gastronomic Product and Creativity will equip the student with:

  • Train the student in the creation of creative processes in cooking
  • Be knowledgeable about the latest trends in cooking techniques and innovation
  • Develop knowledge in cutting-edge cuisine
  • Master the three main gastronomic products and their applications
  • Know how to apply sustainable techniques with concepts such as zero waste, km 0, local commerce and circular economy.
  • Understand gastronomy beyond cooking; technical design applications and customer experiences.
  • Generate a brand and/or comprehensive haute cuisine project based on sustainable values.
  • Become professional in the three main gastronomic products: meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Enhance creative skills
  • Generate a comprehensive haute cuisine brand and communication project based on sustainable values.


In a constantly changing gastronomic panorama where tradition and the avant-garde aim to revolutionize cuisine, with a sustainable vision and through high-quality products to create unforgettable taste experiences, the master's degree in sustainable gastronomic product and creativity addresses all these aspects in technique based on innovating. in a sustainable way in the selection of the product and the techniques applied, with the help of 3 renowned chefs specialized in the three basic gastronomic products:

  1. Xavier Pellicer, chef and specialist in plant products
  2. Rafa Zafra, chef and marine product specialist
  3. Oriol Rovira, chef and specialist in meat products

On the other hand, the sector is increasingly looking for kitchen specialists with a transversal vision and great management, development and customer experience-focused skills to know how to meet the new challenges of the restaurant world.

Addressed to

The master's degree is preferably focused on executive chefs, cooks or personnel dedicated to gastronomy with more than four years of experience in the sector, who want to take a leap in their professional career and/or specialize in product innovation and gastronomic technique.

Teaching team

The teaching team of the master's degree in Sustainable Gastronomic Product and Creativity is made up of professionals who are in the fields of cuisine, creation of gastronomic projects, food anthropologists, processes and sustainable management.

Why study at BCH?

  • International and Professional Recognition
  • Barcelona, city of origin
  • Connection point between kitchen and management
  • Global vision
  • International network of contacts
  • Collaboration with companies in the sector

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