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Ariel University Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science
Ariel University

Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science

Ari'el, Israel

2 Years


Full time

15 Aug 2024

27 Oct 2024

USD 5,030 / per year *


* attached to CPI - international students; USD 3,847 attached to CPI - Israeli citizens


The Department of Middle Eastern Studies – Political Science at Ariel University offers a unique MA degree that combines Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science.

Ariel University’s MA Program in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science is proud of its faculty which is comprised of top scholars in the field and its dynamic and diverse participants who have come from all corners of the world to explore their shared passion for the Middle East and all its fascinating components: political, religious, ethnic and national diversity, the status of women, and countless more. Discussions and topics are student-driven and pulled from classic and contemporary issues and are as varied as they are fascinating, all while advancing research objectives.

The Middle East unquestionably is one of the most discussed and media-covered regions in the world. Regardless of where you call home, whether the Middle East itself or the most remote spot on the planet, events in this region will have an impact on your life. It is fair to say that the entire global agenda begins and ends in the Middle East.

In addition to the Program’s Arabic language requirement, in the first year participants will study classical and conversational Persian and/or Turkish. Imagine engaging texts in the original Persian, or speaking to merchants while wandering the Great Bazaar in Istanbul! The research you pursue in the Program will transform your status from bystander to participant and make you among the most informed on the Middle East.

We invite you to be amongst the next generation of Orientalists, to have your voice heard in the literary or political realms, unlocking the secret beauty of texts or shaping policy and setting the agenda for this dynamic and pivotal region. The journey is yours to create.


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