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APIC - Asia Pacific International College

APIC - Asia Pacific International College

APIC - Asia Pacific International College


Asia Pacific International College is a dynamic Australian Higher Education Institute offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in two major cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Our campuses are conveniently located in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs' heart, very close to public transport hubs. We cater to the needs of over a thousand students every study period, helping them transition from study to employment while offering them courses in Business, Project Management and Information Systems.

Choosing to study at Asia Pacific International College will allow students to explore various study options and make the right choice for their chosen career. Our primary objective is to provide, foster, and promote academic and professional capital in each student. We want our students to develop the capabilities and skills to assume positions of responsibilities in business and society. Our alumni work all through Australia, South East Asia and the Americas. We believe that education and professional developments are the keys to sustained success in today's changing business and social contexts. We are helping to build tomorrow's leaders and equip them with the right tools to make a difference in society through their chosen vocations. At Asia Pacific International College, we understand the transformation process students undergo before entering the corporate world. We endeavour to provide our students with advice and capabilities to flourish wherever they choose to work and live.


  • Parramatta

    Fitzwilliam Street,1-3, 2150, Parramatta