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Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University



Al Ghurair University will be a leading learner-centered comprehensive university in the GCC with international recognition for quality education, applied research and outreach.


Al Ghurair University is committed to serve the educational needs of the community by sustaining quality educational experience for students, engaging in outreach activities, and contributing to knowledge building through inquiry and research. The educational programs of the University are aimed at developing student's intellectual, practical and creative abilities to enhance learning capability and employability of graduates.


  1. Offer quality academic programs that prepare students to contribute to economic prosperity and welfare of the community.
  2. Admit and retain quality students.
  3. Recruit, develop and retain competent and professionally diverse faculty and staff.
  4. Promote an environment conducive to applied research of a significant impact.
  5. Foster outreach programs and community engagement activities.
  6. Achieve effectiveness, efficiency and viability of university operation and resources.


  • Dubai

    AL GHURAIR UNIVERSITY Dubai Academic City, PO Box 37374, Dubai


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