Skill in administration


Programme Description

Programme name: Master of Administration
DGP key: 607502
Normal period to graduate: 4 semesters
Credits: 102
Degree that confers: Master in Administration
Campus where it is offered: Hermosillo

Programme description

General purpose

Form postgraduates with an integral profile, highly qualified in the direction of organizations, through the generation and application of knowledge of administrative sciences, the development of people and competitiveness for the achievement of the institutional mission, in a context of increasing complexity, globality and sustainability.

Specific objectives

  • Promote systemic, critical and creative thinking with an attitude of permanent learning that allows the teacher to develop higher order administrative skills for the generation of sustainable solutions to the challenges of society.
  • Develop a training that includes values such as ethics, honesty, tolerance, respect, commitment, understanding and responsibility that facilitate personal growth.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of values and attitudes that allow the teacher to relate, live with others, work as a team, act with sustainable responsibility promoting awareness towards the development of people and the achievement of the institutional mission.
  • Provide the teacher with educational experiences that allow the development of the theoretical, heuristic and axiological knowledge that underpin administrative know-how, related to organizational problems and that will require professional performance in different sectors of society.

What Will Your Competencies Be When You Finish The Programme?

Egress Profile

  • Professional field The Master in Administration can work in companies, organizations, institutions and businesses related to the productive and social sectors, public or private, implementing planning, management and direction strategies that allow to optimize resources and achieve their objectives. The Master in Administration as an independent professional, offers its qualified services in consultancies, consultancies and direction for the planning and development of organizations.
  • Knowledge. The Master of Administration has a solid multi and interdisciplinary training, in which the administrative, economic and social areas converge.
  • Attitudes The Master in Administration has an attitude of service and awareness towards cultural diversity, beliefs, customs, values, ideas, continuous updating, social practices, and sustainability.
  • Skills. The Master in Administration as a visionary leader and creative entrepreneur manages efficient organizations through the design of business plans, formulation and evaluation of projects and identification of the impact of the economic environment on companies.
    • The Master of Administration has the ability to communicate orally and in writing appropriately in Spanish and English; manages modern information and communication technologies.
    • The Master of Administration is able to work in multidisciplinary teams.
    • The Master in Administration is an entrepreneur trained in the principles of innovation, creativity and development.
    • The Master in Administration develops research.
  • Values. The Master in Administration is a trained professional with values of responsibility, honesty, proactivity, integrity, tolerance, altruism, fairness, ethics and loyalty.
  • Professional performance. The Master in Administration will work in national and multinational institutions, both public and private, through management actions, management, administration, consulting and training for entrepreneurship and business development and / or productive and social projects.


Curricular map



Determination of Matter


Statistics for administration



Economic analysis


24 Credits


Theory of Administration



Management accounting




Production Seminar



Finance Seminar



Marketing Seminar


36 Credits


Staff Seminar



Administration Seminar



Strategic Direction




Optional I



Optional II


42 Credits


Optional III



Independent Studies I



Independent Studies II





Optional assignatures

  • Selected Management Topics
  • Business Development Plan
  • Selected Marketing Topics
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
  • Selected Topics of Operations Management
  • Business competitiveness
  • International Business
  • Organizational behavior
  • Organizational development
  • Selected Topics of Human Capital
  • International finances
  • Formulation and Evaluation of Investment Projects
  • Selected Topics of Corporate Finance
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Selected Research Topics

Lines of generation and / or application of knowledge of the program.

  • Technological innovation in companies
  • Human development
  • The competitiveness in organizations

Basic Academic Core

First name


Dr. Josefina Ochoa Ruíz

Dr. María Leticia Verdugo Tapia

MA Vicente InzunzaInzunza

Dr. Juan Carlos Martínez Verdugo

Dr. Manuel Arturo Coronado García

Dr. Isaac Shamir Rojas Rodríguez

How to enter this postgraduate course?

Entry requirements

Applicants to the Master's Degree in Administration must comply with what is defined in the Regulations for Postgraduate Studies, as well as the following requirements:

  • Submit a bachelor's degree
  • Present Curriculum Vitae.
  • Bachelor's degree certificate with total credits.
  • Original or copy of birth certificate.
  • Copy of the CURP.
  • Submit admission exam CENEVAL EXANI-III.
  • Proficiency in the English language. Level 5 of the exam of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Universidad de Sonora , creditable or present exam.
  • Letter of acceptance to the Programme, granted by the Academic Commission.
  • Approval of the work plan by the academic tutor.
  • Submit application for admission online at
  • The other requirements indicated in the call for entry that will be formulated by the Programme Coordinator.
  • Hold an interview in the terms indicated by the Academic Committee.

Foreign students must also meet the requirements and process indicated by the Mobility, Exchange and Academic Cooperation Directorate of UNISON ( and demonstrate understanding of Spanish as a second language.

Admission profile

They can aspire to the Master, professionals graduates of various areas of knowledge, whose field of work performance or professional interest is related to the object of study and which demonstrate basic knowledge in Administration, Accounting, finance, statistics and other economic and business aspects, as well as skills to interrelate, to work as a team and to make decisions, which allow them to deepen in the area of Administration.

What do you need to get the degree?

Qualification requirements:

To obtain a master's degree, you must:

  • Approve the total credits and meet the other requirements established in the corresponding graduate program;
  • Proof of understanding a language other than Spanish, as established by the Academic Committee of the Postgraduate Programme according to the study program.
  • Pass the examination of grade in the written phase and in the oral phase before a jury named ex profeso.
  • Comply with the provisions and requirements demanded by the School Services Office for the issuance of the degree.

Titration options

The preliminary project of thesis or terminal work can be developed in the following ways:

  • Monographic Research
  • Business Plan or Investment Project
  • Various audits
  • Financial Study
  • Study of the Organizational Structure
  • Market study
  • Human Resources Study
  • Study of Operations or Productive Process
  • Strategic Study
  • Competitiveness Study
  • Studies on Technological Management
  • Consulting Studies
  • Other financial and administrative studies that in the opinion of the Academic Committee deems appropriate.

How much does it cost to study this postgraduate course?

Cost of the EXANI-III

The registration cost of applicants to enter the Universidad de Sonora is announced annually along with the first entry notice. Check this information for the last year:

Registration and tuition fees

Students, when enrolling in any of the graduate programs, must cover the corresponding fees according to the current minimum wage in the city of Hermosillo, as established in the Quotas Regulation. Check this information for the last year: fees and discounts by subject

Infrastructure fee

The infrastructure fee is: $ 12,000 each semester.

More reports

Dr. Alma Brenda Leyva Carreras

Programme coordinator

Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio and Reforma corner, building 7A. Col. Centro, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. CP 83000,

Tel: 52 (662) and 52 (662)

Last updated Jun 2019

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