Second Level University Professional Master MIPET: Master in Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies

University Of Genoa (Università Degli Studi Di Genova)

Programme Description

Second Level University Professional Master MIPET: Master in Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies

University Of Genoa (Università Degli Studi Di Genova)

MIPET (Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies) is a One-year Degree Programme organized in Genoa University and focusing on preparing new generations of top quality technical experts for Process Engineering, Industrial Plant Main Contractors, Power & Energy Industry, Iron & Steel Sector, Plant Equipment Suppliers as well as Construction Companies.


MIPET main aim it is to satisfy the expectation from Leading Industries in term of high technical skills and excellent capabilities in Industrial Plants and Engineering. The Master Programme is directed by Polytechnic School - Faculty of Engineering in strong cooperation with leading industries and major companies operating in these industrial
sectors; this approach guarantees the relevance and effectiveness of the initiative in the international scenario.

In fact this project is part of a large initiative devoted to develop excellence in Industrial Plant Engineering through the synergy between the expertise of Genoa University Engineering Faculty and Top Level Companies with long traditions that are leading this Area Nationally and Internationally in term of turnovers, size, processes and products complexity as well as know-how and technical background and skills.

Master Outcomes

MIPET is devoted to creating System and Process Engineers, Technical Coordinators operating effectively in Project Teams in Global Engineering and Construction. This Master provides deep technical skills in Industrial Plants as well as the capability to get the whole overview on the project and its technical aspects along the whole project phases: Offering, Engineering, Purchasing, Construction and Erection and Commissioning.

At the completion of the Master Programme students develop transversal capabilities in all the critical areas (mechanics, high power, electronics , automation, computation, management, security and safety, materials, processes and components) combined with their specialization expertise in specific Plant Sectors (i.e. Power Equipment, Iron & Steel) as well as with the Company Internship Experiences.

Who Should Attend


The Master in Industrial Plants is a Post Graduate University Programme devoted to people with Engineering degree, addressing:

  • Young Engineers with strong technical background,
  • Engineers interested in attending specific thematic educational modules of the Master Programme that are already working in Companies involved in Construction and Engineering of Industrial Plant and related sectors.

MIPET General Programme

MIPET Programme includes:

  • Fundamentals in Industrial Plants, Construction, and Engineering,
  • Operative Modules, integrated within the Master Programme, but available even for being attended autonomously; these are dedicated to Project Works to be developed by individuals and/or in teams within a competitive/cooperative framework interacting dynamically with Experts,
  • Thematic Modules on Specific Plant Sectors (i.e. Power or Steel),
  • Company Internships devoted to acquired direct experience in the field with real projects,
  • Tours in Industrial Plants and Engineering Centers and Labs,
  • Testing for Certifying Skills and Capabilities acquired by the attendees on each topic,
  • General Modules for supporting Potential Development of the Master Attendees (i.e. languages).


Cost & Fees

1500 to 7500 Euro ( scholarship from Sponsor Companies are available).

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Last updated August 31, 2018
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Oct. 2019
Full time
- 1500 to 7500 Euro
Italy - Genoa, Liguria
Start date : Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
Italy - Genoa, Liguria
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