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Programme Description

Health today represents one of the main areas of the economy in modern societies. It requires highly trained professionals in multiple technical fields, which enhances quality and essential teaching and research structures in any open economy. The demand placed on both medicines and medical devices encourages a constant modernization of the business fabric, enhancing the sophistication of production models. As an area of very complex knowledge, Health has been a decisive factor for the improvement of the quality systems of goods and services. For all reasons, Health will be in the 21st century at the centre of the most competitive and decisive economic activities of societies. The ability to understand the dynamics in Health, its multiple complexity, the options, the opportunities for introducing new technological leaps, the trends generated from the economic dynamics, the social expectations and - always - the professional realization of holders of such diverse knowledge that converges to a central reason and that is the patient, requires a solid mastery of perspectives. The Post-Graduation in Health Management is a unique opportunity to provide you with a vast set of knowledge that allows you to look at the complex Health sector from different approaches, where economic relevance, the primacy of technical requirements and the quality of the final result of the activity are harmonized for a winning competitiveness.


Main benefits

  • Programmatic contents based on practical principles and applied to reality;
  • Teaching staff composed of leading professionals and academics.


  • Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and Senior Health Technicians who wish to specialize in Health Management.
  • Professionals who intend to acquire knowledge in health or perform functions within the scope of Health Services Management, such as hospital administrators, directors of clinics, laboratories and directors of medical and nursing services.


Post-graduation given in partnership with Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of this institution.



Module 0

  • Health Management Summit

Module 1 - Health Strategy

  • Public Health, Prospective Information and Health Planning
  • Stress Factors in Health Systems - Resources
  • Strategic Health Management

Module 2 - Logistics and Operations

  • Financial Management and Investment Project Analysis
  • Logistics as a Competitiveness factor
  • Innovation in Health Technologies and Hospital Pharmacy

Module 3 - Policies and Processes

  • Clinical Project Management
  • Contracting, Satisfaction, Loyalty
  • Policy and Regulation of Medicines and Health Products
  • Contract Management Methodologies in Public Private Partnerships - The Case of Health

Module 4 - The Future of Health

  • Demographic Trends in Health
  • Health Communication and Crisis Management

Module 5 - Seminars and Study Visits

  • Field trip
  • Social rights in the text of human rights and health policies
  • Health Insurance and Risk Management

Health and Certifications

  • Quality and Health Certification
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