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Top Part time Masters Programs in Urban and Regional Planning 2019/2020 in Europe

Urban and regional planning is the practice of crafting designs and proposals for the development of a particular piece of land to be used by people, whether it is on a regional, urban or industrial level.


Master's Program Part time in Urban and Regional Planning in Europe

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The Master aims to facilitate the practical application of the subjects taught. This is why we are currently collaborating in two different urban environments. Miranda de ... [+]

URBAN REGENERATION, REHABILITATION AND DESIGN. DATES: Free and Customized. Recommendation: 9 months (October-June) MODALITY: ONLINE CREDITS: 60


The Master is born from the requirement to train professionals with an innovative profile, specialized in the management and development of the aspects that have characterized the citizen and urban contesto in recent years.

We believe that we can create a new professionalism capable of planning and managing urban and rural environments through new technologies, new sustainable and intelligent management systems and above all respect for a safe, healthy and sustainable HABITAT.


Graduates who are interested in forming their professionalism in the regeneration and management of the urban and citizen system, with special interest in citizen collaboration, sustainable rehabilitation and design as engines of regeneration.... [-]

Spain Salamanca
September 2020
Part time
9 months
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Centre for Alternative Technology

The MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation Planning (SAP) focuses on ‘macro’ scale aspects of the field ... [+]

MSc Sustainability and Adaptation Planning

This is a masters degree focuses on the key strategic and leadership challenges brought about by climate change and broader environmental issues. From spatial master-planning to politics and economics, this MSc gets to the heart of the how the environment must be brought into decision-making. It is among the first such programmes in the UK to put adaptation transformation at the heart of the teaching.

Future environmental change and the effectiveness of solutions are both uncertain. We teach students to integrate risk assessment into decision-making. Theoretical concepts are reinforced with applied projects in landscape planning, design and case studies. The MSc course covers a variety of themes including land use, cities and communities, politics and economics, ecosystem function, water and waste management. Optional modules in the built environment, energy, sustainable materials and renewable technologies can also be taken.... [-]

United Kingdom Machynlleth
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Part time
1 - 2 years
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fisD consortium

the design of city regeneration pursued with a holistic approach based on improving the beneficiaries’ competencies necessary to be key actors within the advanced process ... [+]

Growing population, immigration, uncontrolled urbanisation, pollution, mono-functional areas abandoned, heritage threatened, urge new solutions posing monumental challenges in terms of housing, transport, energy, environment, health and social inclusion. It becomes crucial a regeneration of the city. This is the issue addressed in the world-class Master Course named reCity. A course created for a new generation of professionals who want to design and share innovative ideas supporting communities, stakeholders and political leaders towards more sustainable cities. The focus of the reCity is the design of city regeneration, pursued with a holistic approach based on improving the beneficiaries’ competencies necessary to be key actors within the advanced process of sustainable urban development and renewal, in terms of design, communication, building and management of the contemporary city.... [-]

Italy Catanzaro
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Part time
2 - 5 years
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