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The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

Graduates of the Master’s degree in Sport will be able to have a general understanding of a variety of subjects. These range from cardiovascular and respiratory physiology to nutrition and metabolism. The degree is concerned mainly with exercise, health and sport.

Brazil is currently among the 20 best performing countries in terms of the economy due to their outstanding results-oriented higher education learning. There is no much language barrier since most of the courses are offered in Portuguese language. Brazil has 50 public and 80 private universities

Master in Sport in Brazil

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Management Of Sport Organizations (ms Mos)

Audencia Business School
Campus Full time 12 - 15 

The MS in Management of Sport Organizations for graduates or young professionals who wish to become the new players in the sports management in specialized agencies, companies, associations, clubs, federations, professional leagues or media related to the sport sector. [+]

Top Master Programs in Sport in Brazil. A referral program The MS in Management of Sport Organizations for graduates or young professionals who wish to become the new players in the sports management in specialized agencies, companies, associations, clubs, federations, professional leagues or media related to the sport sector. The program revolves around a course of complementary adapted to this environment and intervention professionals who bring their expertise and operational lighting. Throughout the curriculum, students realize an event / marketing project with a club, supervised by a specialized communication agency. This is an innovative program that is evolving to anticipate changes in the sector and its businesses.   The program's strengths A reputation based on over 20 years of existence Training provided in the heart of Paris, near the headquarters of the most prestigious sports federations for a magnified area of ​​impregnation A concrete pedagogy offered in partnership with major sports institutions A serious awareness of issues of responsibility and ethics An important alumni network for better professional integration Exploration 360 ° world of sport The Spécialisé® Master Program in Management of Sport Organizations harmonizes throughout the curriculum to balance theory and applied transversal projects The fundamentals of management (20%) Strategy Finance Marketing Human ressources Control management Overall responsibility business plan The sport sector: actors, challenges and strategies (40%) Professional sport Economics Strategic management of sports federations Sport and Citizenship Legal structures of sports organizations Professional sports and amateur sports Litigation sports Community law applied to sport: lobbying New challenges of sports marketing for telephone operators Managing a football stadium, a regional league The organization of sport in European states The organization of the Olympic sport Ethics and Sport Sport and Sustainable Development Financial environment for sports associations Sport & Medicine IPO of professional sports companies Market development of sports paris Deepening communication and commercial and managerial functions in the world of sports (40%) 4 to 6 months corporate internship Marketing sports services Sports sponsorship Distribution of sports goods Legal framework of sports marketing The TNS Sport studies and sponsoring Soffres Foundation Sport as a strategic tool in a corporate communication Commercial club policy TV Rights Communication Directorate of Federation Sport and Media Sports Journalism Patronage The application of land and project studies, conducted in partnership with leading companies Publication of a book with Sport and Citizenship: "The organization of sport in the Member States of the European Union" Kantar Media study with Kurt Salmon: "The French free time dedicated to sport - sport stakeholders and web 2.0" - discover the study Development of the marketing policy of the French Federation of American Football Unkotino governed / Five: Marketing Recommendations on the marketing of advertising space in the universe Foot 5 Fondaction Football: Benchmark and recommendations on cooperation between clubs and the school system FF Issy les Moulineaux: Recommendations of a marketing strategy for an elite women's club ESS / Exhibition Basketball: Support and promotion of a sporting event: the show basketball ASO: Support and promotion of a sporting event: The Mud-Day Team Auto 100% Women: Creating a female automotive industry (structuring, development, promotion, sponsoring) Riders Match: Contribution to the development of event strategy Summer Cup 2015 CLEA / Mayor of Paris 1: Development of an urban territory through a sporting and cultural event 5B Concept: Proposals for creating a portal offers "sports / leisure" for employees of businesses Adidas: Sales promotion: what (s) approach (s) sell-out to impact the consumer of the future? Sport and Citizenship: Writing a book: the measures taken at European level to ensure dual sports / educational project FF Hiking: Survey and recommendations on the expectations of the FFRP clubs in services / products Football News Tank: / statistical analysis to define digital editorial content FFF: Territorial Reform: Implications for amateur football? The professional thesis: a guarantee of expertise for employers The graduation of Master Spécialisé® assumes defense of a professional thesis. This is an in-depth personal work of analysis and reflection on a problem related to international news and constructed from concrete information collected. Each will focus this study in relation to its own path and its interests. Finally, it relies on the mission of 6 months in business that is in the logic of the professional project. This expertise significantly enhances the industry knowledge of each student and greatly facilitates the integration of graduates into the workforce.   Some examples of professional thesis: The changing values ​​of Olympism, a glance focused on the action of IOC Italian football: how to restore competitiveness to an industry in crisis? The crowdfunding, "crowdfunding" new economic lever for French sport? The sporting event in the Decathlon communication strategy Media coverage of riding in France The key success factors and impacts of tournaments "Grand Slam" tennis The naming: goals, limits and prospects of a form of sponsorship booming "Over 90% of students have found employment within 6 months of graduation" * * Source: study by Alumni in November 2013       Some skills covered Business strategy Functional and legal management of human resources Financial and management planning Legal and regulatory framework Operational management and control tools Commercial trading and sales Planning and organizing events Design and launch projects Territorial Policy Sociology of sports consumption Some examples of job opportunities Director of sports facilities Head of a community Sports Service Manager of professional clubs Designer Products, services and sporting events Events and sports organizations responsible promotions Sports marketing studies Head Sports journalist Head of merchandising in a sports federation Director of development of sports events [-]