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While engaged in the academic study of sport, students usually choose between preparing to manage or coach sports organizations or providing physical training guidance for professional athletes, students or recreational programs. Courses and programs can prepare scholars for teaching or coaching careers.  

Master's Degree in Sport in Belgium

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Other options within this field of study:
International Football Business Institute

It all starts with a heart for business and a passion for football. The IFBI offers participants a unique executive master to specialize in the football business. During ... [+]

International Executive Master of Football Business

An international postgraduate degree from the University of Brussels - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, organised and coordinated by the International Football Business Institute (IFBI).

Programme Overview

The social impact of football cannot be underestimated. No other sport touches the heart of so many people every week. Football and passion are two words that are difficult to separate but are by themselves not enough to succeed professionally in the sport. Working in the football industry requires knowledge, engagement, commitment and training. We strive to particularly use this last component, training, to guide young, talented professionals towards a promising career in the international football business industry.... [-]

Belgium Brussels
September 2019
Full time
1 year
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