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Project Management

A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

Project managers can be found in many different industries such as construction companies and municipal governments. Anytime a large organization initiates a project that requires coordination between multiple departments, project management can be a major asset to keep the project running smoothly and on schedule.

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Europe. The country consists of 16 states, and its capital and largest city is Berlin.

Masters Program in Project Management in Germany

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International Master in Project Management & Data Science

HTW Berlin University Of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time October 2018 Germany Berlin

In the world's corporate environment it is highly important to be familiar with the international context and have a better understanding of it. The Master’s degree programme in Project Management and Data Science at HTW Berlin will help you to successfully manage and supervise projects in the international environment as well as facilitate, process and interpret extensive datasets and carry out analyses across different disciplines. [+]

Best Masters in Project Management in Germany. Innovation and Diversity HTW Berlin, the largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, is defined by its future-oriented range of programmes and courses, consistently covering areas of current interest as well as those with longer term appeal. Many firms have identified the lack in project handling and business analytics skills. They invest billions of dollars in training for employees in the areas of Project Management and Data Analytics. With quintillion bytes of data being generated every day, qualified managers are required who can appropriately assess this data and use it for managing projects in an industry and company-specific way. The combination of Project Management and Data Science studies therefore represents a comprehensive and in-demand academic qualification. It opens up a diverse range of commercial, creative and organizational opportunities and career paths. Graduates of the Master’s Programme Project Management and Data Science will possess a broad range of techniques and methodologies which are of huge interest to businesses today. Their extensive knowledge will equip them with the skills to increase efficiency and reduce costs in complex business processes. The Master of Science qualification offers graduates a wide range of potential areas of application as well as opportunities for career advancement. Increasing quantities of data are being generated across numerous industries and service provision areas and the international Project Management & Data Science Master’s Programme was developed in order to tackle the shortage of qualified staff in this area. Data related to customers, markets and... [-]

Master Project Management (civil Engineer (-in))

Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science
Campus Full time October 2017 Germany Biberach Ulm + 1 more

Our students will be prepared by methods and techniques for the processing of (large) projects, and practical events for application expertise to the complex demands in professional life - accompanied by seminars and pilot projects in teamwork. [+]

Master Project Management (Civil (-in)) Our students will be prepared by methods and techniques for the processing of (large) projects, and practical events for application expertise to the complex demands in professional life - accompanied by seminars and pilot projects in teamwork. The attendance days at the Academy is limited to Thursday to Saturday. So the students is made possible, in spite of full-time study, to work up to 20 hours a week. The courses of the first and second semester are independent. The study can therefore be started in the winter semester and the summer semester. Winter semester Social competence Teamwork / Team Training Run the project Contracts u. Management Contract management / FIDIC claim management Economics for PM Business Mathematics Organization Business plan Dates costs scheduling Process Management economic calculation Elective Areas infrastructure 1 infrastructure 3 Ingenieurhochbau 1 Ingenieurhochbau 3 model projects Model Project Infrastructure Model Project Ingenieurhochbau summer semester Social competence U problem. Decision Intercultural customer relationships negotiation techniques Contracts u. Management PPP models Procurement Law / PPP Risk Management Economics for PM Finance / Accounting International trade relations statistics Corporate Strategy / Organization & Processes Organization Building on an international scale Strategic Marketing Dates costs cost management Elective Areas infrastructure 2 infrastructure 4 Ingenieurhochbau 2 Ingenieurhochbau 4 seminars Seminar infrastructure Seminar-Ingenieurhochbau Master Thesis Semester Master thesis Master seminar Master Thesis with colloquium target group baubezogener for management positions suitable bachelor and diploma graduates courses promotion law The program concludes with the title "Master of Engineering" (M.Eng.)... [-]