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Project Management

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

Project Management requires assessment on what tasks in a project must be completed, when it must be done and who will do it. A project manager must also be sure the work is done correctly and that any risks associated with the project are identified and mitigated.

Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean.

Master's in Project Management in Canada

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Project Management Masters

Université Du Québec En Outaouais UQO
Campus Full time Part time September 2017 Canada Gatineau

This control has been developed for people who want to manage expertly projects of various types and sizes. Managers from this program will be able to develop projects tailored to specific contexts and manage them within the constraints. [+]

Best Master's Degrees in Project Management in Canada. This control has been developed for people who want to manage expertly projects of various types and sizes. Managers from this program will be able to develop projects tailored to specific contexts and manage them within the constraints. Thus, after studying the feasibility of these projects, they will be able to implement the most appropriate strategy for achieving them. Thanks to the planning tools they have integrated into their practice, these managers to ensure that the objectives, both financial and organizational, will be achieved. Competent in the management of human resources, they will also team up with people able to ensure project success. REGULAR FLOW - WITH MEMORY (M.SC,) This pathway of interest to those who wish to develop their expertise in the research. Useful for practicing managers who want to deepen a particular practical problem, it is also for people who wish to continue their studies at postgraduate level. This pathway allows the development of scientific research skills both conceptually and through the use of advanced instruments for collecting and processing data. Writing a memory will allow students to advance knowledge in the discipline by providing innovative solutions to project management advanced issues. PROFESSIONAL PATH (MGP) General path - specialized or with directed study The three paths of this profile are for professionals who already operate in a project environment and wish to further develop their skills. From a global perspective of the discipline, project managers trained in this program will be able to successfully assume senior responsibilities in the workplace. The knowledge, expertise and attitudes proposed are at the forefront of the development of project management. More specifically, the general routing allows candidates to develop their versatility by following elective courses in different areas related to project management. Specialized path, meanwhile, allows students to gain in-depth training in a single field of activity by selecting elective courses related to it. The path led work also allows candidates to specialize in a particular field of activity, but this time, by performing a directed work. FLOW COOPERATIVE (MGP) This pathway is particularly for people who, following excellent results obtained in the baccalaureate wish to pursue graduate studies while gaining work experience that will facilitate their integration into the labor market. This path includes two courses that can put into practice the theoretical knowledge and promote the career progression of students from areas of very diverse activities, ranging from social sciences to engineering. MULTILINGUES VERSIONS In the thesis and professional profile are available in a multilingual version. Most courses are offered in French and other subjects are taught in English. This feature allows students to use the two official languages ​​of Canada in their courses. In addition to becoming familiar with the specialized vocabulary of project management both in French and in English, applicants will develop the ability to communicate with customers, partners and employees in both languages. This advantage will promote their integration into the labor market and increase their chances to participate in projects of national and international scope. FEATURES In the thesis gives access to incentive scholarship program for graduate studies with memory UQO. All users of our control based on a multidisciplinary approach. They allow the acquisition of knowledge in project management, but also concepts from other traditional branches of management: finance, marketing, production, operations research, human resources, organizational strategy, information systems, etc. The multilingual version (English-French) allows you to learn the vocabulary specific to project management in both Canadian official languages. Project management research at UQO is approached from a new perspective, a critical and transdisciplinary approach, rather than a traditional functionalist perspective. BUSINESS OUTLOOK Lecturer at the University (required mastery) Project manager Project Management Researcher Management consultant and program evaluation strategic management consultant project portfolios Planning consultant and project monitoring Coordinator or Project Manager AREAS OF USE consulting service offices Construction companies Transport companies academic institutions IT and multimedia firms federal, provincial and municipal PROFILE Project management allows the project implementation to meet the specific needs of public and private institutions. From a systemic view, it can deliver accurate results by consensus for all stakeholders. From requirements definition, through the draft strategy, business planning, their their control as well as monitoring, project management can manage effectively and efficiently the resources for the projects. [-]

Project Management Control (with Memory)

Université du Québec à Rimouski UQAR
Campus Full time September 2017 Canada Rimouski

Project Management Master aims to better equip the manager, whatever his basic skills to manage a project. [+]

Project Management Master aims to better equip the manager, whatever his basic skills to manage a project. It is further to: provide knowledge, models and technical tools to define a project, implement and effectively monitor from conception to completion; develop capacity to manage multidisciplinary project teams, multicultural and virtual; develop critical thinking to adapt its management practices to the specific environment of the project. It addresses 10 areas of project management skills: integration of the project; content (scale); deadlines; costs; quality; human ressources; communications; risks; supplies; stakeholders. Pathways and audiences cooperative path This research paper path without full training promotes the integration of alternating courses of study with quarters, and thus facilitates access to the labor market through the experience. It is for candidates: from all areas of training; Newly graduated a bachelor's degree; holds no professional experience in project mode. Career (without memory) This journey without research paper is a special way for professionals who manage projects, to equip them with a global vision of the field and make them able to effectively manage projects of various nature and size from conception until 'to completion. It is for candidates: from all professional fields; having work experience (excluding training) at least three years * in a project environment, regardless of the nature of the projects; Holders of a bachelor **. * Candidates with at least one year of experience, but less than three can access the short program of the second cycle or to specialized graduate diploma (DESS) and continue thereafter to master. ** Exceptionally, candidates without bachelor's degree, but with relevant experience of several years may be eligible. search path This thesis track aims to train managers or consulting experts able to master the knowledge and basic tools of project management and to achieve the rigorous analysis of complex problems so as to develop specific solutions. It is for candidates: from all professional fields or training; Holders of a bachelor's degree. No professional experience in project environment is required for admission. It allows for a research project (memory 21 credits) to deepen their knowledge on a particular topic related to project management. This pathway also helps develop the skills required for the pursuit of doctoral studies. Research areas skills aspects of project management Planning Projects Definition of business needs and scale of projects Time management and deadlines costs Quality Human ressources communications risks procurement The research may also focus on the following themes: the project manager; project teams; Project management information systems; Project financial component; Project portfolio management; the management of international projects; etc. Employment Opportunities The project manager's career is the way any designated for people: who love non-routine work; who love innovation and be at the forefront; who love the dynamics of working in multidisciplinary teams; who want to be at the heart of achievements; which are stimulated by the achievement of objectives. specific employers Project management programs allow to gain expertise applicable to a wide variety of organizational contexts. Companies working in fields as diverse as engineering, IT or administration looking more and more the presence of project managers in their team. The development of new products and services, restructuring and re-engineering process established in several organizations and research new markets are all factors creators of project management jobs. What is project management? Project management is the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project, using management techniques to achieve large-scale pre-defined objectives, while taking account of different constraints of cost, time, quality and satisfaction of stakeholders present in the project environment. In the context of globalization of markets, increased productivity and constant technological change, organizations have some projects in response to their strategic directions. Key features of the project Unique, non-repetitive; is the satisfaction of a need, resulting in the setting of specific targets, accurate and consistent; must be achieved within a limited period of time, so it has an intended purpose; implies a certain innovation and thus a design effort; a collective effort is needed to achieve and should make use of the resources, means and multiple skills; requires the establishment of specific and temporary organizational structures, which are accompanied by a high need for communication and coordination; its achievement is the result of a coherent set of activities; forecasting methods and tools, steering, coordination and specific control are necessary for its realization. OBJECTIVES The fundamental objective of the research component is to train qualified workers, managers or consultants who master the knowledge and basic tools of project management, which have acquired the ability to perform rigorous analysis of complex issues so to develop solutions specific to this sector and who have developed the skills to research enabling them to undertake, as appropriate, of graduate studies. This component is primarily intended for candidates who wish to move towards a career consultant or researcher specializing in project management. This program is jointly managed by UQAR, UQAC, UQAM, UQAT and UQO. [-]

Master of Project Management

Kilroy Norway
Campus Full time

This course is designed to provide knowledge and experience in managing projects in professional organisations. It addresses the main concepts and methodologies of project management and [+]

Master of Project Management

Awarding Body:

Queensland University of Technology

This course is designed to provide knowledge and experience in managing projects in professional organisations. It addresses the main concepts and methodologies of project management and provides educational opportunities for advanced study following your graduation in a relevant discipline. This course will produce project managers capable of managing constraints in time, cost and quality, as well as social, political and environmental challenges. It draws on the Project Management Body of Knowledge which is the international benchmark and framework upon which the practice of project management is based.... [-]