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Master Degrees in Natural Sciences in Suzhou China

The natural sciences deal with the understanding of natural phenomena through observations and predictions. The scientific method and the laws of nature may be covered. Natural science branches include areas such as physics and biology, and there are many more.

China is seeking to promote the development of first-class universities. China's economy is already the world's second largest and is still growing. Experiencing its culture and understanding its market growth will boost your career.

This city is a historical and cultural hub in China. A big part of the culture has been influenced by the number of education institutions located here. The different people who come to study in Schools like University of Science and Technology of Suzhou have made the city more vibrant and beautiful.

Best Master's in Natural Sciences in Suzhou in China

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Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

The MRes Advanced Chemical Sciences programme provides thorough education and training to understand different aspects of the current material chemistry. The programme al ... [+]


The MRes Advanced Chemical Sciences programme provides students with the education and training needed to understand different aspects of the field of material sciences. It aligns with similar MSc programmes at the University of Liverpool.

The programme contains taught modules covering areas from synthetic chemistry to nanotechnology to analytical methods and instrumentation. It places strong emphasis on the development of project management and professional skills. After completing the taught modules, you will engage in a 12-month extensive research project of your choice that leads to submission of a dissertation.

A customised learning plan is designed for you, taking into account your background and career aspirations. Successful completion of the programme leads to the award of an MRes degree from the University of Liverpool.... [-]

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