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The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

Marketing programs may provide students with specific skills and knowledge associated with the identification of target audiences, the creation of pricing strategies, the development of services and products and the implementation of advertising methods to reach the appropriate consumers. 

Officially known as the State of Israel, the country speaks either Hebrew or Arabic languages. The levels of education in the country are subdivided into primary, secondary and tertiary. The country has several universities for professional training.

Masters Program in Marketing in Israel

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Master's Degree In Integrated Brand Communications

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Full time

This is the first official master's degree in Communication Brand (Brand Communications) in the landscape of higher education in Spain. [+]

Best Masters Programs in Marketing in Israel. Program Description This is the first official master's degree in Communication Brand (Brand Communications) in the landscape of higher education in Spain. It is focused on acquiring knowledge and skills to develop integrated communication strategies for brands, both advertisers and brand and branding consultancies, advertising agencies and media agencies or marketing. Dial professionalizing character, the master is held in Madrid under blended learning methodology (blended-learning). It is developed in collaboration with Media Arena, media agency of Havas Group, contributing its expertise to the development of the training program, and with a heavy load of activities, workshops, case studies and classes of important professionals in the communication sector brands . And is that today, there is a strong demand for advertising training planners and related professions related to brand communication in media agencies, advertising agencies, consultants and advertisers. The Master offers real practices relevant agencies and consulting firms, which develop during the classes (Interbrand, Summa Communication, Shackleton, JWT, Publicis, Corporate Excellence, Morillas, Arena among others).   GOALS The overall objective is to train professionals for managing brand communication with a high level of knowledge on effective strategies and integrated communication. Its specific objectives are: It offers an innovative and specialized vision of strategic planning brand communication, providing tools and techniques to optimize performance. Focused on the acquisition of knowledge, competencies and skills to plan, manage and monitor the different actions strategically communication of brands in different areas of conversation, all in an integrated and effective. From a comprehensive and professional training, enables management of projects global brand and its translation experiences with their audiences through concrete action plans. Participants will design research projects and analysis of the effectiveness of communication and the return of such actions to create value, taking into account the environment variables. professional profiles Brand strategic planners: planners in advertising agencies, media agencies and other advertising companies responsible for planning strategies and communication campaigns for brands. Strategic brand research: research professionals specialized markets and consulting methodologies, tools and metrics related to the effectiveness of communication and the valuation of brands. Account planners, account managers and customer service directors who must properly manage marketing plans and advertising for brands. Strategic brand consultant: professional branding and brand consulting to develop the understanding strategic and organizational level of the relationship between brand and communication, designing global brand strategies and the development of different specific action plans in different environments. Brand managers (brand managers) or responsible for integrated brand communications, advertising, commercial communication or marketing you have to take ultimate responsibility for planning, implementation and evaluation of communication, advertising and promotional activities of trademarks in advertising companies . CURRICULUM The curriculum presents two courses chosen by the student: specialty Brand Brand Planning and Research. Brand Marketing. Contents of brand communication in which the new rules of branding are shown and taught how to develop innovative projects brand. It includes the following subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing (6 ECTS) integrated brand communications (ECTS%) Fundamentals of branding (6 ECTS) Consumer (3 ECTS) Brand experience (3 ECTS) Skills (3 ECTS) Brand Planning. specialized in mastering the most important for strategic planning of a brand methodological tools module. Research planning (4 ECTS). It includes: Brand strategy (6 ECTS) Channel planning (4 ECTS) Digital branding and social media (6 ECTS) Brand trends (4 ECTS) Brand Research. Content research focused on efficiency and return of investiment (ROI) of the shares of brand communication. Brand metrics (6 ECTS) Research methodologies for marks (10 ECTS) Marketing intelligence (4 ECTS) Metrics digital and social media (4 ECTS) Practical Training (10 ECTS) Master's Thesis (6 ECTS) Methodology The master mentoring methodology applied to accelerate the learning process in which the student takes responsibility for their own personal and professional development. The mentoring establishes a personal relationship directed between tutor and student and is based on: a) plenary sessions, b) workshops, c) workshops, d) group tutorials or individual, e) practices in f real environments) project to master . Duration and Price Start date: October 2016 (60 ECTS) Duration: From October to June Price: 134 € / credit (€ 8,040) places available: 20 Location: Madrid Contact: / [-]