Best Master's Programs in Italy 2019

Master-level studies involve specialized study in a field of research or an area of professional practice. Earning a master’s degree demonstrates a higher level of mastery of the subject. Earning a master’s degree can take anywhere from a year to three or four years. Before you can graduate, you usually must write and defend a thesis, a long paper that is the culmination of your specialized research.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, many students decide to increase their experience and education by pursuing a Master. A Master may take about two years to earn, and there are programs offered in many different areas so that students can find an emphasis that works for them and their goals.


Master's Programs in Italy

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Master in Oil, Gas and Energy Policy

Moscow State Institute Of International Relations, MGIMO
Campus Full time 2 years Request Info Russia Odintsovo Italy Milan + 2 more

Masters’ programme “Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy Issues” was launched in 2007 by MGIMO jointly with an Italian university Univerità di Commerciale Luigi Bocconi which is a recognized European leader in the field of economic and business education and which co-operates closely with major world energy companies.

Master in Color Design & Technology
Campus Full time 1 year October 2019 Italy Milan

The Specializing Master in Color Design and Technology, held in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Colore, aims to provide advanced training to professionals, so as to enable them to understand and manage the many technological and design issues, often across many disciplinary areas, typical of all those professional and research sectors in which the use and management of color are essential.

Master in Insurance & Risk Management

MIB Trieste School of Management
Campus Full time 12 months Request Info Italy Trieste

The Master Degree is a stimulating and complete master program (full-time, 12 months), providing competencies to advance the career in Insurance, Consultancy & Risk Management.

Master in Marketing and Communication

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Torino
Campus Full time 11 months November 2019 Italy Turin

17th edition - Working in marketing and communication means creating, developing, maintaining and optimizing relationships between customers and brands, establishing a direct and personalized bond. The Master in Marketing and Communication was born as a response to the need, expressed by companies and agencies, to acquire qualified personnel in the field of strategic and operational marketing and corporate communication. To respond satisfactorily to market needs and the expectations of the recipients, the Master's degree addresses in parallel the two professional fields - marketing and communication - both from the point of view of the company and the agency, in order to show points of contact, synergies and dynamics of interaction. In addition, in parallel with a market that has undergone increasingly rapid evolution, the training path includes large modules that specifically refer to the web area: from social media management to SEO and SEM, from web marketing to the management of the relationship with bloggers and infunecers, reputation and content management.

Master in Environmental Engineering

University of Padova
Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Padua

The course represents the natural completion of the first-cycle degree in Environmental Engineering, with the aim of preparing a graduate who, through a multidisciplinary approach that considers different aspects, i.e, legal, chemical and physical, geological and geotechnical, hydraulic and hydrological, is able to design and manage engineering solutions with minimal impacts on the social and physical environment.

Master in Communication and Marketing for Fashion

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rome
Campus Full time 1 year March 2020 Italy Rome

17th edition - The Master course in Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda trains professionals who, in a company or an agency, are able to manage communication and marketing activities, facing the challenges of continuous market changes, since they have acquired a deep knowledge of the tools and a high creative and organizational versatility. "The Master in Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda is designed as a training course aimed at the culture of "knowing how to do" vs. "letting know". Particular emphasis is given to the most current trends: from digital to made-to-measure, from fast fashion to sustainability, from Made in Italy to the evolution of large international fashion groups”. Anna Neri and Alessandra Sales, Course Coordinators. Partners of the Master course: Alberto Guardiani, Anna and Alex, Suite19.

Master in Business Innovation (English)

University of Deusto: Deusto Business School
Campus Part time 9 months September 2019 Spain Bilbao San Sebastián United Kingdom Cambridge Italy Florence Madrid + 6 more

The MBI is an Executive Master, taught in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School and Orchestra (Basque Institute of Competitiveness). The programme is unique in its field, integrating theory and practice and reinforcing the idea of innovation through action. It allows participants to discover new business opportunities, enhance the development and implementation of strategic ideas, create a culture that encourages innovation, facilitate the integration of R+D+I, develop an innovation project for their company and convert themselves into leaders who can drive innovation in their companies. The course consists of 6 intensive week-long modules in various locations.

Master International Management

CIS - Scuola per La Gestione D'Impresa
Campus Full time 1 year Request Info Italy Reggio Emilia

The Master International Management is a training course in General Management that provides the techniques and methodologies typical of the economy and business management, with particular focus on business internationalization.

Master in Business for Arts and Culture

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice
Campus Full time 6 months January 2020 Italy Venice

7th edition - Recent developments in the world of art and culture, on one hand, saw Artists and other professionals involved in the field dealing with both the creative and the business part of their work. On the other, the idea and function of culture evolved towards a more conscious and structured public good and service, in need of professionals with an entrepreneurial approach and a focus on social awareness and sustainability. The Master course in Business for Arts and Culture provides students with a strong theoretical and practical background that allows them to start from an idea and define an effective business plan that would make the idea work and generate valuable innovation. Thanks to specific tailor-made teachings that support classes with dedicated mentorships, participants learn how to plan and manage an artistic or cultural project in its entirety. At the end of the Master, it is possible to start a career within private and public cultural institutions, to launch a business or to plan projects for no-profits.

Master of Luxury Management, Innovation and Branding in Rome, Italy

Swiss School of Management, Rome Italy
Campus Part time 1 - 2 years October 2019 Italy Rome

This unique Master Program is a one of its kind. It differs from other Luxury Management programs, having a strong component of practical issues, embracing not only the management side but also the innovative way to develop a new concept of branding and value creation. Company visits are also contemplated in the program.

ACADEMIC MASTER - Fashion Jewellery

Accademia Costume & Moda
Campus Full time 1 year November 2019 Italy Rome

The Fashion Jewelry Designer works for the Luxury Industry, for the goldsmith world and for the Fashion System, creating and designing exclusive Accessories. The Designer converts the creative idea into production reality through a deep knowledge of all due procedures and the help of competences that stretch from tradition to innovation.

European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA)

The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC)
Campus Full time 1 year October 2019 Italy Venice

E.MA offers you a unique learning and human experience through this intensive one-year Master’s programme articulated in two semesters: a First Semester in Venice (Italy), and the Second Semester in one of the 41 partner universities in the EU.

Master in Corporate Finance

LUISS Business School
Campus Full time 12 months September 2019 Italy Rome

The Master has the goal to shape young professionals interested to face increasingly complex financial challenges.

Master degree course in Computer Science

University of Calabria
Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Rende

The course loads are expressed in credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Three ECTS credits correspond to about 28 contact hours, the number between brackets is the number of ECTS credits dedicated to laboratory activity (one ECTS credit of laboratory activity corresponds to 12 contact hours). For several courses towards the first degree, a service of tutoring is offered. The time table, examination schedule and academic calendar are available in Italian only.

International Master in Food Sciences for Innovation and Authenticity

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Bolzano

This two-year master provides you with sound knowledge of current and future challenges in food sciences, combining innovation and authenticity, and offering you the opportunity to interact closely with the food industry.