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Geographic Sciences

A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

Geographic sciences is a discipline that deals with the study of planet Earth and its many features. Students who study this field can learn about the planet and how humans live on it, in addition to the technology used for analyzing data.

Ministry of education often oversees the education in Bulgaria. The students who pursue higher education in the university often get a certain percentage of the government sponsorship to enable them successfully complete their studies.

Master's Program in Geographic Sciences in Bulgaria

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Master in Regional Development

South-West University
Campus Full time October 2017 Bulgaria Blagoevgrad

Master's degree program "Master in Geography" - "Regional Development" provides a solid theoretical and practical training and refers to specialists who have... [+]

Master in Regional Development

Master's degree program "Master in Geography" - "Regional Development" provides a solid theoretical and practical training and refers to specialists who have acquired qualifications "Bachelor" on course "Geography".Master training program provides comprehensive scientific theoretical and specialized training in the specialty, by building over the fundamental knowledge obtained in the course of training for degree "Bachelor".The emphasis is on increasing the professional competence and skill formation for making strategic and tactical management decisions, work in business management programs in the field of regional development performance of a specialized research and on developing the creativity of teaching and expertise.Ensure training of the students profiled in-depth specialization in the Master's program - "Regional Development", which will be based on the incorporation into the required lectures. Moreover, it provides an opportunity, depending on the combination of electives to achieve a more wide-and interdisciplinary training, ensure the successful adaptation of future graduates in terms of accelerated social, economic and technological changes.Degree "Master in Geography" - "Regional Development" is a solid premise for a successful career in all areas and activities related to regional development - experts, government officials and heads of management units, regional development and regional policy; in regional development in the structures of ministries, municipalities and other bodies dealing with regional development in the implementation of research and teaching on sustainable regional development uplavlenie and conducting regional policy, etc.... [-]