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A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

The field of finance is centered upon money management at all levels. Finance students often study a broad range of subjects from investment banking to personal financial planning. They may focus on a subfield like accounting or business finance right away, or wait to specialize with a graduate degree.

Belarus offers the best university education especially from the enhanced lecturer-student relationship. This system of education has not only attracted the country’s students but also international students. The country has 15 universities with university of Belarus as the top university in the country.

Masters Degree in Finance in Belarus

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Masters Economy

Yanka Kupala State University Of Grodno
Campus Full time September 2017 Belarus Grodno

Specializations: World Economy, Finance, monetary circulation and credit, Economics and National Economy Management, Economics and Management, Applied Computer analysis [+]

Top Masters Degrees in Finance in Belarus. Specialization: World Economy Power Master of Economic Sciences Duration of training Full-time - 2 years Language of instruction Russian English Problems of professional master's activity Masters should be prepared to address the following tasks of professional activity: research activities: use of modern science and advanced technology in the field of economy; development of practical recommendations on the use of scientific research; presentation of research results in the form of reports and publications, seminars, conferences; Scientific-pedagogical and educational-methodical activity: preparation and conduct of various types of training on modern scientific theoretical and methodological levels in institutions of higher education; the development of teaching aids; the use of innovative educational technologies in the educational process; management of independent work of students, their leadership in research work; organizational and managerial activities: analysis and development of recommendations for improving the country's national development strategy; assessment of the positive and negative consequences of the state of cooperation with international economic organizations, forecasting the prospects for further cooperation; the use of elements of the economic analysis in the organization of practical work at the enterprises; possession of the techniques and methods of work with the personnel, methods of assessing the quality and productivity of work of the staff; assessment of the costs and results of activities of the organization; innovation: development plans and programs of the organization of innovative activity in the enterprise and their realization; implementation of feasibility study of innovative projects; independent use of modern computer technology... [-]


IPM Business school
Campus Full time September 2017 Belarus Minsk

Partners IPM Business School in the area of ​​financial management and controlling are the Controller Akademie AG (Munich, Germany), Horvath & Partners GmbH (Stuttgart [+]

CONTROLLING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Partners IPM Business School in the area of ​​financial management and controlling are the Controller Akademie AG (Munich, Germany), Horvath & Partners GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany), Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Berlin und Brandenburg (Berlin, Germany), International Group of Controlling (St. Gallen, Switzerland), Controller-Institut (Prague, Czech Republic), German Business School (Moscow, Russia). Membership in the International Group of Controlling (St. Gallen, Switzerland), on the one hand, provides us with access to the most advanced "know-how" in the field of controlling, and on the other, is an authoritative testament to the quality of our programs. Scientific director of the program: ... [-]