Master's Degree in Digital Marketing in Colombia

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a method of promoting businesses, products and services on electronic media platforms. This often involves social media, but also includes mobile apps, electronic billboards, digital radio and television, text messaging and other channels.

Master's in Digital Marketing in Colombia

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Master in marketing digital

ADEN Business School
Online February 2019 Colombia Bogotá Medellín Cali

The Master in Digital Marketing is designed for completed 100% online, wide flexitime, absolute geographic independence. [+]

THE MASTER IN MARKETING DIGITAL It has been designed for a completed 100% online wide flexitime absolute geographic independence

The digital revolution currently requires growing companies adaptation and presence in different media business ecosystem that develops Internet. Throughout the master you get the skills and abilities to achieve from digital tools strategies and traffic generation, customer acquisition and retention. You can also manage your ranking and reputation through search engines and social networks, as well as management from the website. This program presents a hierarchy of topics starting from the fundamental aspects of digital marketing expertise concluding with strategic applications in the digital environment for enterprises creating added value, differentiation and competitiveness. A special feature of this focused, in addition to the importance of content and didactic applied to teaching-learning master is that it has a pragmatic approach throughout training adding to the educational process development Professional Workshops and campaign simulation in digital environments. Master Digital Marketing has been developed based on the current needs of companies and their adaptation to the management of consumers and potential customers via the Internet. Achieves professionalization of participants as it has content and working practices adapted to the reality of the moment. In short, you know make the most of the opportunities of digital environments.... [-]

Master in Digital Marketing

EAN University
Campus Full time 58  January 2019 Colombia Bogotá

The Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing is an on-campus “Deepening Master’s Degree” offered in Colombia along with a double degree granted by Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (Spain). [+]

Master in Digital Marketing

The Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing is an on-campus “Deepening Master’s Degree” offered in Colombia along with a double degree granted by Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (Spain).At Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, this Master’s Degree is led by the Faculty of Communication Sciences. At Universidad EAN, it is coordinated by the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies.

It is designed with the purpose of training senior managers, consultants and researchers with competencies and knowledge on digital marketing. Such training is conducted through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and through the teaching of the latest techniques of digital marketing and advertising. Similarly, it aims at training professionals able to work in digital marketing and advertising fields, thus providing advanced knowledge, competencies and skills needed to be in charge of the online communications area for governmental and private organizations; of the planning and strategic development of digital marketing campaigns; and of the optimization, management and positioning of brands in social media; as well as those needed to manage the digital communication and image of web projects, amongst other.... [-]