Masters Degree in Corporate Governance in Africa

Top Master Programs in Corporate Governance in Africa 2017

Corporate Governance

A masters refers to the completion of a graduate study program that prepares students to further their knowledge of a specific subject or advance their careers. The majority of masters are granted by state or public universities.

Enrolling in a corporate governance program can teach students the collaboration and management skills necessary to build and expand a corporate organization while supporting a stakeholder board in achieving profit goals. Students typically learn how to confront important credit, environmental and social challenges.

Many programs in Africa take place in a very unusual cultural and physical environment than most students are familiar with in the good old days. Come To Know to adapt to this living conditions is part of fun and the challenge of living there. The challenge is intellectual, emotional and physical.

Master Program in Corporate Governance in Africa

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Master Good Governance And Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Université Francophone du Congo
Campus Full time September 2017 Democratic Republic of Congo Goma

Master Good Governance and Pacific Conflict Resolution [+]

Best Master Programs in Corporate Governance in Africa 2017. Master Good Governance and Pacific Conflict Resolution UFRACO will use all possible means to achieve its objectives by intensifying conferences, seminars, symposiums, scientific days. And as a university linked to the Bologna process, the LMD system, through the mobility of its students and professors with other universities attached to the system. UFRACO adopts the following philosophy: 1) Facilitate the mobility of students and learners in Central Africa and the Great Lakes in particular as well as throughout the world. 10 2) To make the training offerings of African countries legible, visible and predictable; 3) Valuing African formations on a global scale and making them compatible, adoptable and adaptable to knowledge and practiced rigorously in all other countries. It is the national program, plus the cross-curricular courses, but the system is that of License , Master and Doctorate (LMD). However, we will closely follow the different orientations of the Ministry of Trustees on this system. [-]

Master In Business Administration Management

Campus Full time September 2017 Tunisia Tunis

The Master in Management prepares future leaders of SMEs, companies and institutions. The program focuses on entrepreneurship [+]

The Master in Management prepares future leaders of SMEs, companies and institutions. The program focuses on entrepreneurship, management of products, projects, services or agencies with comprehensive training in human resources, accounting, ERP, new technology and all the tools needed to Management. The Professional Master in Management and Business Administration gives you a guidance-oriented training and management and administration by mastering the tools for the management of companies and organizations. Training helps first to have knowledge of the disciplines and the basic concepts of management in human resources, accounting, finance ... and then to learn the managerial practices and the evolution of knowledge in the economic and legal environment. Trades and prospects Management Master at the Tunis International University are wide enough, given the expansion of SMEs and start ups, as well as products, services, agencies and projects in companies. During the three theoretical semesters and specialty, you will develop an economically viable business project that will be evaluated at the end of each semester before starting your internship with respect and memory on a new business needs a partner. [-]