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A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

Classes in communications prepare participating students for a wide selection of careers, ranging from local news networks to international projects within global businesses and government organizations and several other prominent options by enhancing the skills necessary in these career fields.

Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a parliamentary democracy in the Middle East, on the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel's financial center is Tel Aviv, while Jerusalem is the country's most populous city if occupied East Jerusalem is included.

Master's in Communication in Israel

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Master's Degree In Communication For Education

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Part time

This title examines the relations of communication with education centers average lessons, focusing on two aspects: how the media can be used in teaching [+]

Top Masters Degrees in Communication in Israel. Program Description This title examines the relations of communication with education centers average lessons, focusing on two aspects: how the media in teaching different subjects in the curriculum can be used and how it should be managed public and private communication school, their presence in social networks and communication modes. It is made in collaboration with the Catholic Schools Association. Half of the credits are given in person in Madrid GOALS Increase training in the communication field in schools Knowing the role of the media in school Knowing how to use the media in the education of students Knowing how are relations with the media Improve internal communication in schools Professional Profiles: People dedicated to training in schools Curriculum Block 1: Fundamentals of communication for education Block 2: Teaching and means for education Block 3: Creating and journalistic production Block 4: Means for education and social action Block 5: Educational Marketing Practice module Final Master Work Methodology: Semi-autonomous work modules. Duration and price Start date: October 2016 Duration: One academic year Price: 5,100 € Places available: 25 Location: Salamanca - Madrid Contact: [-]

Master's Degree In Corporate Communication And Leadership

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Full time

The Master in Corporate Communication and Leadership provides practical knowledge of the structures, processes and tools that can convert to corporate communication in a determinant of organizational behavior. [+]

Program Description The Master in Corporate Communication and Leadership provides practical knowledge of the structures, processes and tools that can convert to corporate communication in a determinant of organizational behavior. For this reason, the program not only provides training in technical skills but also managerial skills needed to coordinate multiple tasks necessary to turn information into useful knowledge in guiding the activity of all functional areas and different hierarchical levels to Mission of the organization and it towards value creation at the individual, corporate and social level. The Master is the result of the collaboration initiated in 2002 between researchers of different social sciences and between them and professionals Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategic Planning. The result of this way of working has been the creation in 2012 of COM-LEDGE, a group of stable for Innovation in Corporate Communication work, made up of academics and professionals who share an interest in knowledge as a determinant of behavior and conduct social organizations. GOALS The main objective is to complete the training of graduates of the faculties of communication with practical training necessary to participate in the basic processes of intervention in the relational behavior management level of the organization: Strategic Analysis, Planning and Process Management. The program is designed to help graduate in Communication to apply their skills and expertise in the real context of an organization in which they made the practical credits of the Master and the Final Project. Practical training in the field is therefore the axis that determines the content and focus of the entire program, which provides the coordinates that condition access and promoting professional communication professional positions in efficient organizations and socially responsible , defined by the ability of innovation, technological efficiency and international reach. It included in the program objectives training in technical skills and social skills necessary for strategic planning and management: Government Programs in Public Administration business and institutional strategies Social initiative projects Professional profiles The communications director is the executive profile in any type of organization assumes responsibility for managing the strategic level relations with stakeholders. It corresponds to the function of building the corporate culture and other intangible assets such as reputation and brand, so a first hierarchical level depends on the executive level. Curriculum MODULE I. STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION AND LEADERSHIP (18 ECTS) 01. Matter: The Effective Leader: Training in technical and social skills 02. Matter: Managing Complex Organizations Strategic Management 03. Subject: Value Based Marketing: Management of Intangible Assets and Social Behavior of the Organization MODULE TRENDS IN CORPORATE COMMUNICATION II (12 ECTS) 04. Matter: Structure and function of the department of strategic communication in the digital environment 05. Subject: Business & Society: Managing Corporate Social Responsibility. And Civil Society Participation in Sustainable Development MODULE III THE CHALLENGES OF GLOBAL SCENARIO (12 ECTS) 06. Matters: Global Strategy: The International Governance. The economy in the global environment 07. Innovation Management MODULE IV RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION (12 ECTS) 08. Subject: Final Project Master Development of a case study to design and evaluate the usefulness of a communication system relevant for their influence on the conduct of the organization. 09. practicum (6 ECTS) Methodology Lectures and conferences Resolution of such problems and case studies Cooperative learning activities individual tutoring and group Conducting research and oral presentation Field practices Student performance in each of the activities in the different modules is evaluated by performing: individual trials Troubleshooting Group Development of case studies On the other hand, the student has to make a report at the conclusion of the practicum with the guidance and supervision of the Guardian that is assigned to the host organization. Finally, the final project is exposed in a public event and evaluated by a court. Duration and price Start date: October 2016 Duration: From September to July Price: € 175 credit (10,500 €) Places available: 20 Location: Madrid Contact: [-]

Master's Degree In Communication And Sports Information

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Full time

The official Master in Communications and Sports Information by the Pontifical University of Salamanca is a solid reference training designed to ensure comprehensive and critical training on sports communication [+]

Top Masters Degrees in Communication in Israel. Program Description The official Master in Communications and Sports Information by the Pontifical University of Salamanca is a solid reference training designed to ensure comprehensive and critical communication training for both sports journalists for future university teachers. The Master has agreements with Real Madrid TV, Club Atletico Madrid, Mediaset, Agencia EFE, Radio Marca and various radio stations to perform tasks of sports journalism. Bag practices throughout the course allow students to have direct contact with some of the professionals and managers of major sports media in the country. With a faculty and renowned professionals in research and practice of sports communication and a methodology based on the merits in the case analysis and the comprehensive development of personal skills. These are the pillars of the value and credibility of this Postgraduate course officially verified (06.06.2013) and approved by the Council of Ministers (20.09.2013). GOALS Train qualified to manage solvency sports communication processes in general and specialized media professionals. Training exercise for critical information in the field of sport from the rigor, ethics and journalistic depth. This specialization provide an interdisciplinary perspective that allows the evaluation of the sporting activity from the legal, economic, social and cultural for proper understanding and appreciation context. Enable for technical performance of tasks related to sports in different media and communication technologies. Provide scientific and methodological basis for research and a doctoral thesis in the areas of Communication, Sociology, Law, Education and Science of Physical Activity and Sport. Professional profiles Editor and sports editor in print, broadcast or electronic (newspapers and magazines, radio, TV, digital media) mainstream media. Specializing in sports information in print, broadcast or electronic media specialized journalist. Editor in communication departments of sports clubs, agencies and / or companies linked to sporting events. Communications director athletes, representatives and agents of sports professionals. CURRICULUM Basic Training: Epistemology of Sport (10.0 ECTS): discover the future sports communicator historical, economic, sociological, legal and medical foundations on which today stands the sport in all its dimensions. Sociology of Sport Organization and management of sporting activity Legal and ethics of sports communication Medicine and Sports Psychology Sports Marketing and Communication Specific training: Sport in the Media (10.0 ECTS): analyzes the range of media, content and media that focus on the treatment of sports information in Spain, genres used and the technical conditions and industrial marking the professional activity of sports communicator. Sport in print media Sport radio Sport on TV Sport in digital environments Communication skills Deportivo (20.0 ECTS): provides technical, instrumental, creative and professional qualifications to practice sports information and communication, both individually and collectively, in the different media and media that offer these contents . Narrative Sports Communication Sports Research Tools Individual management of sports communication techniques Collective management of sports communication techniques Practicum: monitoring media coverage of Sport (8.0 ECTS) facilitates participation in the treatment done on Sport of print, audiovisual and digital communication state, regional and local coverage, as well as clubs Communication Offices sports. Throughout the weekend the 2nd half of the course, students will attend the drafting of the most significant media in this environment in order to know, appreciate and participate in the planning, production, documentation and issue-based content the sport. Master's Thesis (12.0 ECTS): provides the tools to design, organize and develop a scientific research on the variables and constraints of Sports Communication methodological basis. Classroom methodology master classes, seminars, debates and workshops with visits and presence in programs, newsrooms and media communication offices and sports clubs combined. The workload is completed with the preparation by students tracking blogs sports news and audiovisual content for radio, television and multimedia devices. The Faculty of Communication at the Pontifical University of Salamanca has complete facilities for the training and qualification of students in the Master in Communication and Sports Information: classrooms journalistic writing, complete TV studios (set, control digital embodiment, virtual set cabins and editing with Avid and Final Cut) and five studies of systems equipped with the necessary technology for the production and editing professional radio. Duration and price Start date: October 2016 Duration: From October to June Price: 134 € / credit (€ 8,040) places available: 18 Location: Salamanca Contact: [-]

Master's Degree In Integrated Brand Communications

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Full time

This is the first official master's degree in Communication Brand (Brand Communications) in the landscape of higher education in Spain. [+]

Program Description This is the first official master's degree in Communication Brand (Brand Communications) in the landscape of higher education in Spain. It is focused on acquiring knowledge and skills to develop integrated communication strategies for brands, both advertisers and brand and branding consultancies, advertising agencies and media agencies or marketing. Dial professionalizing character, the master is held in Madrid under blended learning methodology (blended-learning). It is developed in collaboration with Media Arena, media agency of Havas Group, contributing its expertise to the development of the training program, and with a heavy load of activities, workshops, case studies and classes of important professionals in the communication sector brands . And is that today, there is a strong demand for advertising training planners and related professions related to brand communication in media agencies, advertising agencies, consultants and advertisers. The Master offers real practices relevant agencies and consulting firms, which develop during the classes (Interbrand, Summa Communication, Shackleton, JWT, Publicis, Corporate Excellence, Morillas, Arena among others).   GOALS The overall objective is to train professionals for managing brand communication with a high level of knowledge on effective strategies and integrated communication. Its specific objectives are: It offers an innovative and specialized vision of strategic planning brand communication, providing tools and techniques to optimize performance. Focused on the acquisition of knowledge, competencies and skills to plan, manage and monitor the different actions strategically communication of brands in different areas of conversation, all in an integrated and effective. From a comprehensive and professional training, enables management of projects global brand and its translation experiences with their audiences through concrete action plans. Participants will design research projects and analysis of the effectiveness of communication and the return of such actions to create value, taking into account the environment variables. professional profiles Brand strategic planners: planners in advertising agencies, media agencies and other advertising companies responsible for planning strategies and communication campaigns for brands. Strategic brand research: research professionals specialized markets and consulting methodologies, tools and metrics related to the effectiveness of communication and the valuation of brands. Account planners, account managers and customer service directors who must properly manage marketing plans and advertising for brands. Strategic brand consultant: professional branding and brand consulting to develop the understanding strategic and organizational level of the relationship between brand and communication, designing global brand strategies and the development of different specific action plans in different environments. Brand managers (brand managers) or responsible for integrated brand communications, advertising, commercial communication or marketing you have to take ultimate responsibility for planning, implementation and evaluation of communication, advertising and promotional activities of trademarks in advertising companies . CURRICULUM The curriculum presents two courses chosen by the student: specialty Brand Brand Planning and Research. Brand Marketing. Contents of brand communication in which the new rules of branding are shown and taught how to develop innovative projects brand. It includes the following subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing (6 ECTS) integrated brand communications (ECTS%) Fundamentals of branding (6 ECTS) Consumer (3 ECTS) Brand experience (3 ECTS) Skills (3 ECTS) Brand Planning. specialized in mastering the most important for strategic planning of a brand methodological tools module. Research planning (4 ECTS). It includes: Brand strategy (6 ECTS) Channel planning (4 ECTS) Digital branding and social media (6 ECTS) Brand trends (4 ECTS) Brand Research. Content research focused on efficiency and return of investiment (ROI) of the shares of brand communication. Brand metrics (6 ECTS) Research methodologies for marks (10 ECTS) Marketing intelligence (4 ECTS) Metrics digital and social media (4 ECTS) Practical Training (10 ECTS) Master's Thesis (6 ECTS) Methodology The master mentoring methodology applied to accelerate the learning process in which the student takes responsibility for their own personal and professional development. The mentoring establishes a personal relationship directed between tutor and student and is based on: a) plenary sessions, b) workshops, c) workshops, d) group tutorials or individual, e) practices in f real environments) project to master . Duration and Price Start date: October 2016 (60 ECTS) Duration: From October to June Price: 134 € / credit (€ 8,040) places available: 20 Location: Madrid Contact: / [-]