Master's Degree in Management and Human Resources Management


Programme Description

You like to deal with others and motivate them to exploit all their qualities to the fullest. Also in the environment of the company. Turn it into your future with the Master's Degree in Human Resources Management and Management from the Universidad Europea .

The current economic and business environment is characterized by high competition and it is essential to contribute to the development of an organisation achieving a balance between the achievement of its objectives and the professional successes of each employee. And it demands highly qualified profiles in functions related to the design, development and implementation of innovative HR policies. Thanks to this Master it will be you.

The Master's Degree in Management and Human Resources Management is taught in a schedule compatible with your current work and under the premise "Learning by Doing", learning by doing, a methodology based on the resolution of real cases from the first day with the guidance of a a cloister composed of expert teachers in the area and renowned professionals in active service.

In addition, you will visit companies, you will be part of debates and you will attend Master Classes of the main figures of the sector. And, of course, you will carry out internships in companies of the size of the Campofrío Group, VIPS, Correos or Cuatrecasas.


MODULE I: Human Resources and organizational structures.

  • Organizational structure. Functions and processes.
  • Design and structural models.
  • Human Resources scorecard.
  • Information systems in Human Resources.

MODULE II: New trends in the management of Human Resources.

  • Change management.
  • Knowledge management
  • Management of diversity and conciliation policies.
  • Management by competences.

MODULE III: Human Resources Administration.

  • Collective bargaining and labour conflict.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Organic Law on Data Protection.
  • Remuneration policy.

MODULE IV: Human Resources Management (I).

  • Organization of work.
  • Strategic planning of Human Resources.
  • The incorporation of people to the organisation.
  • Training and development of the RR.HH.

MODULE V: Human Resources Management (II).

  • Personnel costs and budget management.
  • De-linking processes.
  • Internal communication and organizational climate.
  • Organizational culture and commitment management.

MODULE VI: Management skills for team management.

  • Leadership and high performance teams.
  • Modern theories of motivation.
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation.

· Concept, origin, principles and philosophy of Coaching: Individual and group coaching.

MODULE VII: Digital Transformation in Human Resources.

  • Moment of the transformation: Digital competences.
  • Digitization of employees.
  • Platforms "software" in the digitization of the management of the RR.HH.
  • E-Recruitment and development processes.

MODULE VIII: Business simulation.

Implementation of the knowledge acquired throughout the master's degree through specialized business simulation software applied to Human Resources.

MODULE IX: Final Master's Project.

Analysis and diagnosis of an area of ​​management of people in a company (in the own one if the student was working or where the practices are carried out). Identify an area of ​​improvement and design an action plan for that area. It will be divided into three parts:

  1. Presentation of the diagnosis and plan of previous action (objectives, methodology of work, actions to be developed).
  2. Design of the plan to be implemented in the chosen area of ​​Human Resources.
  3. Oral presentation and defence of the project.

Professional outings

Your preparation will allow you to develop a career with competences both in business management and in technical aspects related to HR management as Department Director, technician, consultant or head of talent management within Labor departments, Social Responsibility or Compensation and Benefits.

Collaborating companies

As a student of the Master's Degree in Human Resources Management, you can take professional internships in the best companies in our country. For these purposes, the Universidad Europea has a wide range of entities with which we have signed the corresponding collaboration agreement with the following companies:

  • People Matters
  • Campofrio Group
  • VIPS Group
  • Correos Group
  • Cuatrecasas
  • Caser Insurance
  • Nortempo ETT
  • Antal International
  • BLC Group
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To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to social progress through an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment. Read Less
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