Master's Degree in Architecture and Design Business Management


Programme Description


Within the business sphere of the technical/creative world, there is a marked shortage of professionals with knowledge specific to their particular discipline and the skills to develop and properly manage a company.

The Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design Business Management strives to ensure that you will be able to bring distinctive value to your profession through business know-how. This knowledge will bolster your capacity to expand your business and increase your chances of joining the leading companies in your sector, which are in need of professionals with technical knowledge and a versatile, innovative and strategic business mind.

With this master’s degree, you will receive the training needed to set the Project Management Professional Exam and become a certified project manager with the Project Management Institute (USA).

his degree is closely linked to the city of Barcelona, its enterprises and Architecture and Creative Design professionals. In addition to classes, the program also includes seminars by renowned professionals, visits to top-level companies and a wide range of lecturers.

Reasons to study this master

  1. To turn Architecture professionals and professionals from the creative and industrial sectors into true managers and businesspersons in their field.
  2. To understand current professional challenges and the changes resulting from becoming a senior manager/executive in the field of Architecture and creative professions.
  3. To form a true symbiosis between the university world and business.
  4. To promote the personal skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.
  5. To teach students how to manage the everyday aspects of creative enterprises.
  6. To provide students with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to become a senior manager/executive with university-level technical/creative training.
  7. To be able to create a Business and Marketing Plan.
  8. To make decisions in a qualified, strategic manner.

Intended for

  • Students with a university degree (with or without work experience), preferably in Architecture, Engineering or the field of Creative Design.
  • Architects, engineers, product, graphics and creative designers and anyone who works professionally in the industry, construction or real estate sectors.
  • Professionals, interested in enhancing their management.
  • skills in the areas of Marketing, Sales and internal management of corporate resources.


Module I. Postgraduate Degree in Global Creative Management – 20 ECTS

  • From the Idea to the Project
  • The Architect/Designer and Creator of Value
  • Architectural Branding
  • Storytelling
  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership and Team Management


  • Mentoring & Business Coaching
  • Job Opportunities

Project I. Conferences

The design sector and architecture

Module II. Postgraduate Degree in Marketing & Sales for Creative Enterprises – 20 ECTS

  • The Business Sphere
  • Sales Channels
  • Architectural and Creative Marketing
  • Innovation and Creative Product Management
  • From the Project to the Sale


  • Foro
  • Mentoring & Business Coaching
  • Job Opportunities

Project II. Conferences

  • Professionalising and creative product sectors

Module III. Postgraduate Degree in Real Estate - Construction & Design Management – 20 ECTS

  • Entrepreneurship and Creative Enterprises
  • Finance and Asset Management in the Design Sector
  • Where Are the Customers?
  • Industrial Customer Management in the Construction and Design Sectors
  • Design Project Management - Project Management Institute


  • Foro
  • Mentoring & Business Coaching
  • Job Opportunities

Project III. Conferences

  • Real Estate and Business Sector

Admission criteria

In addition to meeting the legal requirements described in the access routes, the Office of Admissions will highly value:

  • Applications that show sufficient prior training
  • Transcripts from previous studies
  • Transferred credits
  • Descriptions of relevant work experience

Reservation and enrolment

  • Once accepted, you must pay 20% of the full cost of the master's degree in order to reserve a place.
  • You must pay the remaining 80% in one lump sum once enrolment is complete.


This university does not provide grants for third-cycle courses. You will need to contact institutions outside the university in order to obtain financial aid for your studies.

  • Grants AGAUR
  • Obra Social «La Caixa»
  • Grants from the «Ministerio de Educación»
  • Marcelino Botín Foundation

Financial aid

UIC Barcelona has agreements with different banking institutions to facilitate course financing under preferential conditions.


Alumni UIC Members are entitled to a discount.

Additionally, certain collectives may be entitled to special discounts for certain programs, which are specified in each case.

Basic Information


€8.340* + €480 (enrollment fees)

* Prices are subject to variations



  • Module 1. 20 ECTS
  • Module 2. 20 ECTS
  • Module 3. 20 ECTS


25 Places available

Course director

Ph.D. Maria I. Gabarró

Course coordinator

Ph.D. Ana Cocho


UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. Barcelona Campus

Dates and time

September - June

  • Mondays, 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm *
  • Fridays, 4 pm to 10 pm *
  • Saturdays, 9 am to 2 pm *

*Face-to-face instruction



Last updated Feb 2020

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