Master's degree in People Management


Programme Description

Master in People Management

The Master in People Management understands people management and talent development globally within the organisation. It is not an area, but a strategic function that will guide the company's progress towards success. Making people want and get excited about doing what the common Project that is the company requires is a challenge that defines the essence of leadership.

The MDP has been created to train those who want to orient their career towards the management of people in companies and organizations, and this requires an intensive development after university education. European Forum, as Business School, gathers the witness of the university to enter the student in the demanding reality of the company and places him in a market that will not only ask you to manage people and teams, but also be socially responsible, competitive in economic terms and have the ability to articulate the decision-making process in relation to the strategy.

The MA in Business Management of the LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY (90 credits) shares with the MDP of FORO EUROPEO that formation for the development of a global vision of Business Management, innovative and strategic where people are protagonists. This master's degree with official qualification opens the door to university research and subsequent doctoral studies, mainly in the field of business leadership.

This sum of vision, skills and deep knowledge that are combined in the DOUBLE DEGREE awarded by FORO EUROPEO and LONDON MET is enriched with the value of sharing experience and effort with young people of different nationalities and cultures but similar concerns.

Admission process (Application for admission)

Every student who chooses to complete this master, must complete the application online and send the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of identification document or passport
  • Photocopy of the title of the race or university certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 1 photo size in jpg format
  • Proof of entry of the registration fee:
    Europeans: € 65
    Non-European: 120 €

Once this documentation is reviewed and accepted, the students will take an admission test which consists of:

  • A real case study
  • Questionnaire with general and specific questions
  • An English test (in the case of testing in English, this test will be skipped)
  • A personal interview or via Skype

Academic Fees (Scholarships)

Depending on the chosen program, the students can go to the Calls for Scholarships of different institutions:

Governments, Foundations, Chambers.

The agreements that European Forum has with Universities and Business Schools collect the bases of obtaining scholarships for the students of these centers.

The price of the registration can be made in partial payments.

The price of master full time programs is 13,900 euros.
Those interested in accessing our programs may have access to academic scholarships.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Foro Europeo, Escuela de Negocios de Navarra nace en 1992 como iniciativa empresarial. Está participada por Sodena, Sociedad pública para el desarrollo de Navarra, la Confederación de Empresarios de Navarra, 19 compañías y 40 empresarios y directivos. Su campus se sitúa en Huarte, en la comarca de Pamplona y fue inaugurado en el año 2005 por la Infanta Dña. Cristina de Borbón. Dispone de Programas Máster a tiempo parcial para profesionales y de títulos oficiales universitarios de Máster y Grado mediante acuerdo con la London Metropolitan University, para universitarios y postgraduados. Asimismo, conforman su formación para la empresa los Programas de Alta Dirección para Directivos y Empresarios de larga experiencia y trayectoria (como el Programa Atenea o el Programa Personas) y los Programas Corporativos de Desarrollo Directivo. Su orientación efectiva hacia el desarrollo personal en Habilidades de Dirección y Liderazgo hace de FORO EUROPEO un verdadero centro de entrenamiento y transformación de hábitos. Escuela con gran proyección internacional, cuenta con acuerdos operativos con más de 60 Universidades y Escuelas de todo el mundo, por lo que confluyen en sus aulas alumnos procedentes de distintos países. Su Claustro está compuesto por expertos de talla internacional en formación de directivos. Read Less