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Programme Description

The Master aims, on the one hand, complement the training of future chemists who have completed graduate studies or BA, and secondly, introduce them to research activity by providing knowledge, skills and services related to chemistry and linked to the new demands skills and demands of a globalized market. The student, after completion of the Master, possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that will facilitate their entry into the field of research or insertion into the working world.

Students graduates in this Master will have access to the manufacture, presentation and defence of his doctoral thesis, in order to obtain a doctorate degree from the University of La Laguna as we have done more than sixty doctoral students in the last five years.

Justification title

The main objective of the Master, which have a clear research orientation, is to provide training that enables the graduate, through a markedly practical and applied education, for their initiation into research and, also, facilitate their insertion in a professional environment .

The Master aims to provide those students who are going to do the doctoral thesis, the skills needed by a research professional, since it has subjects aimed at the most innovative and specific aspects of current interdisciplinary chemistry. In this sense, one of the general objectives will be the acquisition or update of advanced knowledge in various aspects of chemistry in its multidisciplinary aspect, as well as the initiation to research.

The existence of these official research centers, as well as a growing number of large companies with research departments, advises offering this type of training, which in addition to an in-depth knowledge of the different branches of chemistry provides the necessary skills to carry out investigations and detailed studies in any of the different fields of application.

The aim is to train professionals who have the qualities of a critical scientific spirit, practical skills in the laboratory, communication skills and teamwork skills that enable the development of students in their field of work in an autonomous manner. The Master has been designed within the immediate socioeconomic environment, in which the graduates will find their job placement.

On the other hand, the Master has also been designed to update knowledge and training throughout the life of chemical professionals from various sectors in different fields (quality, corrosion, new materials, ...).

The Master that is now proposed aims, on the one hand, to complement the training of future chemists who have studied the Degree currently implemented, of shorter duration than the previous Bachelor degrees and on the other, to initiate them in the research activity and provide them with knowledge, skills and skills related to Chemistry and linked to the new demands and demands of a globalized market. The student, once finished the Master, will possess a baggage of knowledge and experience, which will facilitate their entry into the field of research or their insertion in the world of work.

Entry and exit profile

Admission Profile

Students wishing to enter must have a scientific and technical background with extensive knowledge of chemistry. The income profile recommended to Master Chemical coincide with those of graduates of degree of Bachelor / Degree in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Environmental Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. These students have prior training level required for access to the Master, not conducting additional training being required.

For other related degrees, the Academic Commission will examine each request individually and can, if necessary, require additional training coursing ensure hold minimum knowledge of chemistry required to follow master studies with use.

Graduation profile

The Master is essential to provide our students with advanced training in all fields of chemistry that introduces them to the field of chemical research, placing them in an optimal theoretical-practical position for carrying out research tasks that will lead them to the completion of his Doctoral Thesis, or his incorporation into Departments of R + D + i of public or private organizations, or in the field of purely professional, enabling their incorporation as professionals of high personal and technical training in companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food or environmental

Orientation and tutoring

Organ and support and guidance services of the ULL

  1. The Information and Guidance Service (SIO) is the office designed to inform, advise and guide the university community in general. The university students, in particular, are informed about topics related to training and university life, and are addressed, in more specific demands, to the corresponding offices. The SIO has an Information Area, which responds to the demands of academic and administrative information of the ULL, such as information on scholarships and grants, university training proposals, procedures, rights and duties, deadlines and procedures, etc. On the other hand, there is a Psychopedagogical Counseling, which aims to help the student with difficulties, either in the decision making process or in the learning process. In addition, it provides data and reports to the information area and offers personalized attention to students. The SIO also offers the services of a Legal Department, which feeds administrative information, academic and various regulations to the area of ​​information, in addition to offering individualized attention, exclusively to students of our University, on any query, in its legal aspect, related to the stay in the university, whether or not academic.
  2. The Programme for Attention to Students with Disabilities (PAED), under the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students, in order to guarantee equal opportunities for students with disabilities, promoting their full integration in the development of their studies and university life.
  3. The Office of International Relations (ORI), manages all international mobility programs
  4. Information on national mobility is available in the Bureau of scholarships
  5. The Bureau of scholarships is also responsible for the management of all scholarships for study aid
  6. The Vice-rectorate of Students also carries out different calls for assistance grants (lunch voucher, daycare, association, ...)
  7. The Secretariat of the Doctorate and Postgraduate Studies School offers guidance and assistance in relation to all administrative procedures related to the Master

The Guidance and Attraction Plans of the Chemistry Section

The centre offers specific support and guidance to students of the Master's Degree in Chemistry within its Annual Plan of Recruitment and Orientation Plan. At present, the following activities are being carried out within the Orientation Plan for these students:

  • Reception Days: Its objective is to inform new Master students about the most relevant academic aspects of the studies they are going to start. The Academic Director of the Master is responsible for them and the first day of class will be celebrated
  • Teacher-Tutor Programme. It consists of the assignment of a Teacher-Tutor to each student of the Master.
  • Web page of the Master: The Academic Director of the Master is responsible for keeping the Master's website updated; In it, students can find all the relevant information.
  • Orientation Days: distributed throughout the course include talks on mobility, job placement, active job search, professional opportunities, ......
  • Orientation in the Master. It consists of the use of the virtual classroom of Coordination of the Master in the Virtual Campus of the ULL as activity to support orientation. There will be a forum to which only the students have access to give them the possibility of communicating with each other or establishing debates on topics of interest. In addition, it will be used as an informative, guidance and participatory platform for students in all aspects related to their particular training program and the university community in general.
  • The Chemistry Section in Social Networks. The centre has profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The main objective of the activity is to be where the students are and to use this way as a form of agile communication with the students.

On the other hand, the Center's Recruitment Plan includes activities to inform the possible students of the Master, mainly the Graduates in Chemistry, about the degree. It highlights the organisation of a student congress, round tables, informative talks, as well as the elaboration of posters or brochures.

Master's thesis

The Master's Thesis Project (TFM) is assigned 12 ECTS. It consists in the realization on the part of the student, under the direction of a qualified teacher and / or professional, of a project, memory or study on a work theme that will be assigned to him and in which he will develop and apply knowledge, skills and competences acquired. in the degree. It may consist of an investigation initiation work in a Department or area of ​​those participating in the Master, in another Center or in a Company with which the corresponding agreement has been established. A work must be done individually, write the corresponding report and expose it and defend it publicly before a Court.

All information about the TFM (projects offered, tutors, printed to choose TFM, instructions for presentation and defence of TFM, dates of interest ...) are available in the virtual environment of Coordination of the Master to which students and students can access. tutors here

Last updated Mar 2020

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