Master's degree in art, design and multimedia


Programme Description


The second training cycle in Art, Design and Multimedia is assumed as a current structured training proposal based on the realization of the importance of visual culture and information and communication technologies in contemporary reality. On the other hand the Court finds that technological progress has contributed to a considerable increase in the use of the image in all fields. The photo and digital video, specialized software for image work, are now on a par with conventional media and new media adopted by contemporary creators, compelling tools in the materialization of ideas in the context of artistic creation, design, advertising. At the end of the second cycle of studies in the Master Art, Design and Multimedia should be able to:

  • Understanding creativity and innovation as one of the decisive factors in a competitive business / current institutional context;
  • Connecting theoretical and technical knowledge of art and media, in order to develop skills such as to enable him to question the artistic production applied to visual communication;
  • Develop skills interconnecting content of the two key areas of this second cycle, in view of the media industry, artistic expression and design;
  • Develop research projects / testing and / or use in context, articulating specific skills of art and interactive environments;
  • Designing and implementing experimental projects / research - action.


This course allows professionals in the field of fine arts, design, media advertising and creation as well as teachers who leccionem in similar areas, update their training in Art and Multimedia preparing them, including (among others) to:

  • Perform functions on content production companies / multimedia products;
  • Develop coordination and creation activities in the area of ​​graphic arts;
  • Develop contemporary artistic creation projects.
Last updated January 2016

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