Master of Science in Transforming Mobility: Business Models & Vehicles for the Future


Programme Description


“Transforming mobility: empowering change”

Transforming mobility is a major challenge in today’s society and for tomorrow. The stakes are high, notably for the Automotive Industry, shaken by the arrival of sharing platforms offering mobility services.

What are the keys to: combatting urban congestion and improving air quality; protecting people's health and natural resources; offering mobility solutions in peri-urban or low-density areas, finding sustainable economic models for old and new economic players? These are just some of the challenges Mobility Professionals face today.


The automotive industry, and the mobility sector at large, is undergoing a threefold disruption due to digitalization, environmental constraints, and technological developments. Groupe ESC Clermont’s MSc program has been specifically designed to help participants answer fundamental questions: Which vehicles? Which mobility services? Which strategies? Which business models?

This MSc program will enable participants to successfully manage the transition towards sustainable mobility. Graduates will improve their employability and reach higher-ranking positions within their existing jobs or seek new career opportunities within many private companies and public organizations pertaining to the Automotive Industry or mobility sector.

Programme Strengths

Participants will benefit from:

  • A global understanding of environmental, technological and socio-economic issues
  • A cross-disciplinary training with the involvement of major stakeholders in the mobility sector
  • A strong focus on the challenges and stakes at both a local and international level
  • A balance between theory, learning by doing and professional testimonials
  • A program based on innovative experiments carried out within companies and academic research
  • A program co-constructed with companies specialized in the automotive industry, sharing platforms, energy specialists, fleet management, consulting firms, public service providers, etc.
  • A cutting-edge, original, innovative training, with a forward-looking dimension, meeting the expectations of the automotive and mobility sector

Targeted Skills

  • Understand and deal with the new global mobility eco-system
  • Devise and implement the right strategies and multiple economic models
  • Master product/service design and development
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of the transport sector
  • Encourage innovation management
  • Lead projects & change management
  • Perform mobility consulting missions
  • Acquire a dual technical/business culture and versatility

They Support Us

This program has been specifically designed with the collaboration of internationally renowned companies and their experts.

This program is financially supported by the French State, via the Avenir Investment Programme (PIA), PFA, the French Automobile Manufacturers Alliance.

This program is supported by the CARA network, a European Cluster for Mobility solutions.

Career Opportunities

This MSc program will open the door to a broad range of job opportunities and varied career paths offering the possibility to work in multi-cultural and international teams:

  • Product/Service Manager
  • Sustainable Mobility Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Mobility Experiences & Innovation Manager
  • Energy Mobility Business Developer
  • Sustainable Mobility Programs Coordinator
  • Transformation Facilitator
  • Sustainable Mobility Consultant


This program has been co-constructed in partnership with the engineering school SIGMA Clermont, a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).

Programme Content

Semester 1

Mobility Business Models & Vehicles for the Future, 162 hours

  • Stakes and Challenges, 33 hours
  • Which Vehicles: Strategy, Foresights, 30 hours
  • Mobility As a Service (MAAS), 30 hours
  • Managing Innovation and Business Model, 27 hours
  • Key Role of Energy Players, 18 hours
  • Transversal Project, 24 hours

Management & Communication Skills

  • Introduction to Business, 12 hours
  • Mastering Data in Excel (e-learning), 18 hours
  • French Langage Classes (or certification Voltaire), 30 hours
  • Thesis Methodology I, 9 hours

Career Development & Counseling

  • Job Marketing, 6 hours
  • Individual Counseling, 3 hours
  • Meeting with Practitioners, 3 hours

Semester 2

Project Management & Transformation Facilitation, 180 hours

  • Intelligent Mobility - Transport, Infrastructures, 27 hours
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Mobility, 21 hours
  • Peri-Urban Mobility and Low-Density Areas, 27 hours
  • Transformation Facilitation, 30 hours
  • Sustainable Mobility Project, 75 hours

Management & Communication Skills

  • Strategic Management, 18 hours
  • Information Systems for Managers, 18 hours
  • French Langage Classes (or certification Voltaire), 30 hours
  • Thesis Methodology II, 9 hours

Career Development & Counseling

  • Job Marketing, 9 hours
  • Individual Counseling, 3 hours
  • Meeting with Practitioners, 9 hours

Semester 3

Professional Mission & Thesis

  • Master's Thesis, 9 hours
  • Oral Defense, 1 hour
  • Company Assessment


Entry Requirements

  • A 4-year Bachelor's degree or Validated Master 1
  • Proficiency in English (Official TOEFL score of 550 at least, or TOEIC of 750, or IELTS 6.0)


  • Early bird scholarships: Reduction on the fees for students who pay the full fees before starting the program.
  • Scholarships provided by ESC Clermont Foundation: Scholarships based on three criteria: Financial situation, academic performance, and behavior of the students.
  • Scholarships to go abroad: Scholarships allowing students to finance part of their stay in Europe as part of their study abroad in partner university or internship.

Application Procedure

  • All applications are to be submitted online.
  • Candidates will be invited to take a skype interview on an automated video conference aiming to evaluate their academic profile, motivation, and linguistic skills.

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Last updated Feb 2020

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