Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSc)


Programme Description

Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSc)

In order to succeed and proceed to higher management positions, the combination of technical and economic knowledge is gaining importance. Experience with legal issues is an additionally sought after asset. This proofs that there is an increasing demand for employees with special knowledge in engineering, business management, marketing, and jurisprudence.

In future technicians, lawyers and managers will be specialists not only in their field of expertise but also the respective complementary fields such as marketing, business management, law, and engineering. In areas where economists, lawyers, and engineers work together on the same level, either at the top of small and medium-sized companies or in units of big companies, a well-qualified engineering manager provides expertise and solutions to bridge existing interfacial gaps. This MSc Programme offers graduates from engineering schools the chance to extend and deepen their knowledge of economic and legal issues as well as it provides education in technical sciences for business managers and legal experts.

Final Degree "Master of Science in Engineering Management" (MSc) granted by the TU Wien

Language of Instruction English

Duration 3 semesters

Programme Start November 2019

Application Deadline September 2019


The aim of this MSc Programme is to develop an advanced understanding of important management principles and practices in connection with developing and implementing engineering projects in order to enable engineering managers to widen their knowledge and understanding of current and future engineering management issues. The combination of theory, praxis, and real-life cases ensures that the newly gained knowledge can be put directly into practice. In case studies, actual cases from your current working fields are analysed, learned methods applied and put into practice. This will enable active participation in:

  • Production Management
  • Engineering Informatics
  • Business Management
  • Master Thesis

Target Group

This program is intended for persons with a basic knowledge of engineering, intending to interact between technology and economy.

  • Engineers and other graduates from the field of technology aspiring management positions
  • Graduates with no specific technical studies having technological knowledge, wanting to broaden and deepen their expertise
  • Established engineers facing new challenges and responsibilities following promotions to management positions
  • Persons working as advisors and consultants with a background in science, technology or business studies who need to familiarize themselves with the principles and practices of engineering management

Admission Requirements

Admitted are individuals holding a Baccalaureate degree, a Magister's degree or a diploma of related studies. Persons holding equivalent educational and professional qualifications may also be admitted.

Tuition Fee

EUR 19,900 (excluding travel expenses & cost of living)

Last updated Jan 2019

About the School

For a number of decades now, the TU Wien has been one of the most high-profile providers of continuing education in Austria. The internationally oriented Continuing Education Center (CEC) of the TU Wi ... Read More

For a number of decades now, the TU Wien has been one of the most high-profile providers of continuing education in Austria. The internationally oriented Continuing Education Center (CEC) of the TU Wien sees its primary task as twofold. Firstly, to help graduates exploit the full potential of a technical and scientific education. Secondly, to open up new fields for professional development for individuals who display initiative and have the relevant practical experience. Read Less