Master of Science in Applied Computer Science


Programme Description

A Master’s Degree in Computer Science Opens Doors!

This international program is taught in English and is designed to bring students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures together to facilitate cross-cultural learning experiences. The goal of this program is to provide the students with key competencies in all layers of full-stack development in the informatics field.

Programme Content

The curriculum includes a wide range of main modules, such as International Project Management, Software Architecture, IT Security, Advanced Database, Software Development Practice, Advanced Computer Studies. The students are guided into the standard areas of full-stack development (Front End, Middleware, Backend/databases, and infrastructure) as well as in their individual specialization. Further specializations are:

Business Computing

  • Applied Research,
  • In-Memory Databases (SAP HANA),
  • Business Information System Technology (SAP Technology),
  • Business Information Programming (SAP ABAP),
  • Service Engineering and Management,
  • Internet and Network Technologies.

Mobile Computing

  • Applied Research,
  • Advanced Game Design,
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality,
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
  • Developing Mobile Applications and Games.

Usability Engineering and UX-Design

  • Applied Research,
  • Fundamentals towards UX,
  • UX-Design and Implementation,
  • Usability Testing and Verification.

Practical Experience

By means of "guided study" applied learning methods are tailored to each student’s individual strengths. This allows students to choose an area of specialization during their studies for developing individual skills and competencies. During an integrated internship with one of our partner companies, the students will have the opportunity to apply their new skills in a real-world scenario. With the big Research Project, you will strengthen your scientific competencies for a research-oriented Master Thesis and a scientific career later on.


All Fact at a Glance

  • Duration of Study: 24 months (120 ECTS)
  • Start: Every year on 1st April and 1st October
  • Admission Requirements:
    • Recognized bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS, or 210 ECTS for exceptional case) or German Diplom in Computer Science, "Virtuelle Realitäten", "Angewandte Informatik", "Wirtschaftsinformatik", Information Technology, Software Engineering/ Software Development or similar
    • Good knowledge in Java/C++ and databases
    • Course language: English, Proof of English: IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 80 or other proof of English proficiency
    • Master Thesis can be written in German
  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Tuition Fees:
    • 750 EUR per month
    • One-time registration fee of 750 EUR or 1,000 EUR for applicants from countries with visa obligations.

Structure of the Master Programme

The program is organized in modules with an overall workload of 120 credit points. The course is comprised of lectures, seminars, tutorials, internships and interdisciplinary project work.

The table is an overview of the program’s general structure, October start, 2 years program, 120 ECTS. We are offering an April start with a similar structure.



Specialization Business Computing

  • Applied Research
  • Business Information Programming (SAP ABAP)
  • Business Information System Technology (SAP Technology)
  • In-Memory Databases (SAP HANA)
  • Internet & Network Technologies
  • Service Engineering & Management

Specialization Mobile Computing

  • Advanced Game Design
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Applied Research
  • Developing Mobile Applications Systems
  • Developing Moblie Games
  • Developing Smart Learning
  • Internet & Network Technologies

Specialization Usability Engineering and UX Design

  • Applied Research
  • Fundamentals towards UX
  • Internet- & Network Technology
  • Usability Testing & Verification
  • UX-Design & Implementation

Career Prospects

A master’s degree in Applied Computer Science increases your chances of securing a lucrative position in the software and IT industry. With our master’s program, which covers all areas of a Full Stack Developer or Full Stack IT Consultant, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required for the job. Our graduates are working for large enterprises such as AIRBUS, ADIDAS, AUDI, BOSCH, BMW, BASF, DEUTSCHE BOERSE, DKFZ, SAP, TRIMUPH, VERIVOX, etc. and many more small and medium-sized companies. Our program is also accredited for senior positions in the public sector. Furthermore, a master’s degree qualifies for research e.g. doctoral studies.

Positions You Will Be Qualified For

  • Structural and object-orientated software development in the fields of advanced engineering and architecture.
  • Systems analyst and system designer for large and medium-sized ERP systems.
  • Technical and process-oriented consulting, e.g. project manager with international competencies.
  • Computer game developer, multimedia designer, network administrator, database manager, web designer, to name but a few.

How to Apply

Our master’s program in informatics starts every year on April 1st and October 1st. We look forward to receiving your application, which should include:

  • A CV with current photo
  • Certificate of language proficiency
  • Certified copy of Credentials (e.g. High School Transcripts, University Transcripts, Language tests)
  • 1 Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose and Goals
  • Practical experience if available

Reports of Experiences

"I completed my master's in Informatics from SRH University in 2018. Though I am from a Mechanical Engineering background, the study courses offered at SRH helped me to gain adequate knowledge and finally led me to be a part of SAP. Currently, I am working as a DevOps Engineer at SAP SE. In fact, the courses offered at SRH have assisted me in getting my desired job. I thoroughly enjoyed all the courses and the guidance provided by the professors, eventually helped me to be successful in my career. To me, success always lies on the side of hard work and eventually hard work pays off. Hence, never give up your dreams."

Srinikitha Kondreddy, Graduate M.Sc. Applied Computer Science 2018

"I studied Business Informatics (B.Sc.) and Applied Computer Sciences (M.Sc.) from 2011 to 2016 at the SRH University of Applied Sciences. The practice-oriented lectures always helped me to apply the content of a lecture on challenging exercises and exciting projects. A great opportunity was to work on a project for three consecutive modules which allowed our team of four students to develop a full-stack cloud application including all aspects that make up a well-managed project. We really felt like a startup while staying in close contact with Professors to gather feedback and benefit from their experience. After a few semesters, I started to work as a working student to apply my learnings to real-life business scenarios. This combination allowed me to holistically extend my skill-set along the path to becoming a Software Engineer and, most importantly, to be able to do a job that I enjoy every day."

Tim Gerlach, Graduate M.Sc. Applied Computer Science 2017

In Brief: The Plus for You

Unique Learning

The content of the course addresses the current and future needs of all modern industries using information systems – from business to consumer applications. The CORE-principal ensures a high level of knowledge, competencies, expertise and key skills.

Multiple Perspectives

You finish your studies with a "Master of Science" degree. This enables you not only to do a doctorate or access the higher grades of Civil Services – but it also opens up attractive, worldwide and diversified fields of activity in companies.

Intercultural Competencies

Business behavior that respects cultural differences, knowledge of international business relations and markets, proficiency in two foreign languages – we help you become globally mobile.

Applied Computer Science at SRH University Heidelberg

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