Master of International Business

The Master of International Business is designed for both U.S. and international students aspiring to develop themselves as global managers.

The total program cost is $37,500, paid in three installments based on course load. Tuition covers all class materials, textbooks, iPad, parking, meals/snacks, professional development services offered by Robinson’s Career Management Center, and a free membership to the World Affairs Council of Atlanta.

The MIB is a year-long cohort program. Participants proceed as a group through a sequenced curriculum of modules beginning each January.

Admissions to the MIB program is competitive as the program seeks individuals who are strong academically and are committed to pushing the boundaries of their thinking.

Location: GSU’s Buckhead Center

Application Deadlines

Spring 2015

September 15, 2014

Admissions Requirements

Complete the online application along with the $50 application fee.

Applicants may submit either GMAT or GRE scores.

One official copy of the transcript of all previous college work is required from each institution previously attended.

Each transcript must be in an envelope from the institution closed with the institution’s official seal and must be submitted unopened by the applicant with the rest of the application packet. If an institution’s policies do not permit it to send official transcripts to applicants for use with self-managed applications, the transcripts may be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Recruiting and Student Services using the address given here. In this instance, applicants should indicate on the application that the transcripts will be sent separately by the appropriate deadline.

The master’s application contains two narrative questions.

Answers to these questions must be typed. You have the opportunity to answer these questions as part of the online application process. Evaluative interviews are not part of the application process for most programs, so it is important that applicants complete these essays in a thorough and thoughtful way.

The essays are the opportunity for applicants to present themselves to the Master’s Admissions Committee. It provides a way to highlight qualities relevant to success in a graduate business program that may not be evident in test scores and past academic performance.

Begin each response on a separate page and show the letter and/or a number of the question at the top of each page. Put your complete name at the top of each page. Please limit each response to 500 words typed and double-spaced.

Note: This essay is required for all master’s programs.

There are two parts to this section.

  1. Describe your short-term and long-term career goals after completing the program. What characteristics do you possess that would make you a good fit for these goals?
  2. Complete one of the following (Do not exceed 500 words.):
    1. I have always wanted to…
    2. What makes you unique?
    3. The greatest lesson I have ever learned is…
    4. Why have you chosen this degree?

Note: This essay is optional for all master’s programs.

Please provide any additional information about yourself that is not covered elsewhere in this application but that you believe is appropriate and relevant to the evaluation of your application.

All applicants must include an updated résumé with an application.

One year of work experience is required for the Flex MBA program, and while work experience is not required for the Specialized Master’s program at Robinson, it is preferred. It is our belief that the discussion will be richer based on our student’s ability to share their professional work experiences in examples and scenarios. Over the past few years, we have noted an average work experience of five to six years from the accepted applicants.

One professional letter of recommendation is required for One-Year, Executive MS, and Master of Taxation applicants.

Applicants to the Flexible MBA or other Specialized Master’s programs are not required to submit a letter of recommendation but are welcome to do so. Recommendation letters may be submitted through the online application process or in sealed envelopes from the recommender; recommenders must sign their names across the sealed portion of the back of the envelope. Letters of recommendation must be submitted unopened with the rest of the application packet. They may not be reviewed by the applicant at any time. An applicant who does not wish to waive access to a letter of recommendation must arrange for the recommender to provide him or her a copy.

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Master of International Business