Master of Health Administration (MHA)


Programme Description

For more than 40 years, the University of Ottawa MHA program at the Telfer School of Management has equipped Canada’s future healthcare managers with the knowledge and skills to succeed in this challenging field. A vital part of this country’s healthcare community, the program is aligned with the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa and is acclaimed by health care professionals throughout Canada for its clear commitment to providing tomorrow’s health care administrators with a solid grounding in business management principles. The program’s sharp focus on business management combined with its links to leaders in Canada’s health sciences and policy communities creates a rich learning environment and provides students with the integrated training required by healthcare managers now and in the future.


The mission of the MHA Programme is to prepare ethical and socially responsible professionals to assume management and leadership positions in the changing health service system primarily in Canada but also internationally, and to strive for excellence in professional education, scholarly research and community service in health management.

The MHA program allows for full-time or part-time study, with the common core courses (of the MBA and the MHA) available in either English or French. The MHA health specialization courses are available only in English. The MHA requires an administrative residency of at least 16 weeks that expands the students' experience in healthcare or health policy, to further integrate their academic development and professional growth in health care.

Goals and Objectives

Given its mission statement, the MHA program will pursue the following four goals:

  • provide rigorous and relevant education in healthcare management;
    conduct relevant health management research;
  • promulgate continuous quality growth of its Programme and students;
  • foster community activities in health services management

Programme Components

1. Fundamental business-management skills

The University of Ottawa MHA is a rigorous 15-month program that consists of three components. Approximately 50 percent of program credits are required in the core component, where students learn fundamental business-management skills and focus on essential disciplines in the field of health management.

2. Health administration

The program’s second component consists of specialization modules for health administration. Drawing on the expertise of MHA professors and health care professionals, the modules focus on closing the gap between market requirements and the skills expected from healthcare managers, providing students with specialized tools and knowledge vital to their careers in the healthcare sector. Recent modules have included:

  • strategies for Alternative Funding Plans;
  • plans to rebuild the Canadian Red Cross;
  • the use of information technology to deliver health care to patients in remote areas;
  • health care service delivery in the Canadian Forces;
  • the universality of professional competencies; and
  • the role of politics in decision making in the healthcare system

3. Residency

The third component—the administrative residency—provides students with opportunities to work in leading healthcare organizations, enabling students to participate in management decisions and experience day-to-day life in the health care system. The administrative residency component includes the participation of faculty, mentors and a network of healthcare professionals known as preceptors.

Admission to the MHA

In the application to the MHA program, students must elect to study in English or in French and are placed, once admitted, in a cohort/study group accordingly.

When applying to the program, candidates must provide the following:

  • a printout of the Submission Summary
  • a non-refundable application fee
  • Past academic performance
  • Related work experience
  • two confidential letters of recommendation
  • A narrative statement
  • standardized test -- GMAT is compulsory
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Personal Interview
Last updated Mar 2020