Master of Fine Arts


Programme Description

Master of Fine Arts

Perhaps you would like to pursue a Master's degree with a more professional focus. A 60-credit hour degree program, the MFA is a terminal degree, preparing you to teach at the collegiate level or pursue other professional opportunities. Choose from drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography or graphic design as your area of emphasis.

Graduate School Requirements

  1. Maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the MFA program.
  2. Complete the degree requirements within 6 years.

Degree Requirements

  1. 34 semester credit hours, studio major (to include terminal thesis project of 16 credit hours).
  2. 16 semester credit hours of Art History and Concepts—at least two “in-house” art history courses must be taken. A maximum of seven (7) hours of Readings in Art History is all that is allowed.
  3. 10 semester credit hours in studio art other than the major area.

Areas of Major Studio Concentration

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Design (Graphic Design, Photography)
  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Intermedia

General Admissions Policy

The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Art from an accredited institution and have completed a minimum of 36 semester credit hours in art on the undergraduate level. Deficiencies must be completed before a candidate is allowed to proceed to the M.F.A. degree program. A minimum of 10 hours in a studio concentration on the undergraduate level must be completed before the student is considered a major on the graduate level.

Transfer Credits

If a student desires to have graduate credit transferred from another college or university, he/she must realize that a maximum of nine (9) credit hours only may be transferred and that these hours must be justified by portfolio or research paper review. In addition, the graduate student must contact the Department of Art and Design regarding departmental requirements relating to the transfer credits. Candidates may request that graduate credit earned in other institutions of recognized standing be accepted for degree requirements subject to the departmental limits on transfer credit and approved by the Graduate Dean. Under no circumstances can a course be transferred to the graduate program until an official transcript for the course has been received in the Graduate School. Only graduate courses used on a degree program will be added to the Fort Hays State University transcript. The degree courses are transferred the semester of graduation. No course may be transferred for which validation will be required because of time limits.

  • It is expected the applicant have a 3.0 (B) average on the last 60 hours of undergraduate work.
  • Provide an official undergraduate transcript and an application for admission to the Graduate School.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation from people who are, or have been associated with the applicant as an artist (e.g. instructors, colleagues, etc.).
  • Submit a statement of purpose concerning motivation in seeking the degree. The student must indicate what his/her concentrations will be.
  • Submit 20 images of his/her work. Each image must be properly identified with the artist’s name, title, medium, date, and size of work. Images should include 10 works from the major concentration and 10 works from other areas of art. Include an image identification sheet, numbered to correspond with the images. There will be no waivers of image portfolios.
  • Submit a resume including exhibition record and professional employment.

The M.F.A. Admissions Committee will review all applications, and at its discretion, may require completion of particular courses to remove deficiencies in undergraduate training. Such courses would be requirements in addition to the minimum required for the graduate degree. The M.F.A. Admissions Committee will make a recommendation about admission to the Graduate Dean, who makes the decision regarding admission. No decision will be announced over the phone.


The M.F.A. candidate must spend two semesters of residency. Summer school is considered as fulfilling the residency requirement.

M.A. Degree

A graduate with an M.A. degree from Fort Hays State may apply up to a total of 36 credit hours toward the M.F.A., subject to the approval of the major professor and the student’s graduate committee at the time of filing the degree program. Consideration will be given to the date of the conferring of the M.A. degree in determining the number of credit hours acceptable.

Progress Reviews

Admission to the M.F.A. degree program does not guarantee graduation or that the student will be awarded a degree. He/she may be dropped from the enrollment or held in attendance beyond the customary two to three years if his/her progress does not measure up to the standards of the Department of Art and Design. Incompletes are not viewed as satisfactory progress. Courses must be completed before enrollments are allowed in subsequent program courses.

There will be a minimum of three reviews conducted by the candidate’s graduate committee to determine graduate progress: First Review, Preliminary Oral Examination, and the Final Oral Examination.

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