Master of Design in Building Products & Systems


Programme Description

Master of Design in Building Products & Systems

Faculty of Design – CEPT University

The Master of Design Building Products and Systems program synthesizes a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach with strong emphasis on the hands-on experimentation working in collaboration with emergent technologies and industrial partnerships. The goal of this program is to provide future product designers with thorough knowledge and skills in the field of industrial design: specifically, the design of products which are part of built spaces. The program builds on the human-centered design approach to problem-solving, starting with the people one is designed for and ends with new creative solutions balancing aesthetics, product performance, sustainability and ease of manufacturing.

The course is spread over four semesters, each emphasizing a specific aspect of the discipline of building product design. The curriculum enables a student to develop analytical and practical skills within a specific domain area working closely with industrial and non-industrial processes. During the study, students will dwell into diverse courses covering knowledge about structures, manufacturing processes, design aesthetics, form making, craft techniques, design detailing, system design, Design management, intellectual property rights, patents, design thinking. The students will work closely with an industry (organized or unorganized sector) to develop their final design project in the last semester. In addition to the studio courses, students are also required to take mandatory courses, seminars, and workshops.

With a good understanding of materials, manufacturing processes, creative and methodical problem-solving techniques our graduates will be able to collaborate with external partners as design professionals either in design studios or with the industry at different positions. Graduates from this programme will complement their creative potential with structured learning. They would possess academic research abilities with an up to date knowledge of best practice methods in product design. Graduates will be equipped with practical knowledge and skills to connect the dots between product design, materiality, and product performance.

With the multidisciplinary approach and specialized experts in the field of architecture, design, planning and construction technology available on campus, CEPT holds a unique position to offer this program. The program also has dedicated faculty experts with over thirty years of professional experience to mentor and nurture the students. CEPT campus also has state of the art Fab Lab and workshop facilities amongst the best in the country, to help convert ideas into realistic product prototypes. It also has high technology research and testing labs on campus accredited to the best in the world and working with the industry. The labs and workshop support the students and the industry partners which sponsor student projects. CEPT also has Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), which would develop the student's sensitivities and understanding of crafts opening possibilities for new avenues in designing building products and systems.


Minimum Qualifications & Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture or Design (Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Exhibition Design) or equivalent, awarded upon completion of a course of minimum four years duration, OR
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture recognized by the Council of Architecture, OR
  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction Technology (five-year program) or BE (Civil), BE(Mechanical), BE(Production), OR
  • Diploma in Interior Design of four years duration (12 + 4), provided that the program is considered equivalent to a four-year degree program by the Equivalence Committee of CEPT University

Note Minimum of 55% aggregate marks for General category candidates and 50% aggregate marks for reserved categories candidates.


Sanctioned Intake: 24

Admission Procedure

The following process will be followed for admissions in the Postgraduate courses at Faculty of Design for the year 2018-19.

Each applicant is required to submit a portfolio and the following documents along with the application.

  1. Degree Certificate (provisional, in case final not received)
  2. Transcript of Marks / All Marksheets (Scans of originals)
  3. Work Certificates (in case of work experience)
  4. Two Recommendations(with contact details of recommenders)

Applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of their work or student assignments. The portfolio should be of A4 size – maximum 24 pages.


  • The applicant receiving grades as GPA/CGPA need to send the document indicating a relationship of GPA/CGPA with percentage marks as per their university/institute along with all the mark sheets.
  • The applicant studying in the final semester need to submit all the mark sheets until penultimate semester.
  • All applications received will be scrutinized based on information provided/uploaded in the application forms. This scrutiny is to check whether the applicant meets the eligibility criteria. Only those applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and pass scrutiny will be considered for further stages of the admissions process.

Evaluation process:

In order to select the best and most diverse set of candidates for our program, the selection procedures and criteria are designed to ensure parity of evaluation and eliminate – to the extent possible – biases inherent in any selection procedure. Evaluations are carried out by different individuals in different stages, according to a common framework of evaluation and the results are independently collated to produce the final merit list of selected candidates.

The Evaluation is conducted in multiple stages by the Admission Committee set up by Faculty of Design. Each stage carries specific weightage:

Stages Weightage
Academic Performance in the UG Course: 5%
Work Experience: 10%
Portfolio: 5%
FD PG Common Design Aptitude Test: 30%
FD PG Subject Specific Design Aptitude Test: 50%
Total: 100%

The stages of evaluation are as follows:

  1. All applications received are checked for completeness and satisfaction of eligibility criteria. A shortlist is prepared if there are more than 250 applications. If not, all applicants are invited for the Entrance Exam.
  2. The academic performance and the work experience of each applicant are looked at individually which comprises of 05% weightage (Academic Performance) and 10% weightage (Work Experience) for each respectively. A candidate’s work experience will be assessed based on details given in the application form.
    Grade band Criteria
    10 More than 4 years of Experience
    8 2-4 Years of Experience
    6 1-2 Years of Experience
    4 Less than 1-year experience
    0 No experience
  3. A panel of two faculty members is set to grade each portfolio independently based on the quality of design and conceptual clarity demonstrated through their work. The grade received by the applicant for this Stage is carried forward as part of the final assessment and will constitute 5% of the total grade.
    Grade band Criteria

    Excellent design skills

    • Capacity for design resolution
    • Innovative thinking

    Excellent professional projects – a role of applicant clearly defined


    All of the above at satisfactory levels

    Some of the above criteria at exceptional levels


    All of the above criteria at average levels

    Some of the above criteria at satisfactory levels

    2 Some criteria unsatisfactory

    It is mandatory for all eligible applicants to appear in the admission test conducted at CEPT University for consideration in the merit list of admissions. The absence in any test disqualifies the applicant from the admission process.
  4. The shortlisted candidates have to appear for an entrance exam, which is conducted in two parts. The entrance test largely focuses on evaluating the creative abilities, critical thinking, and analytical abilities, problem-solving abilities along with market exposure and industry knowledge.
    a. The first part of the entrance exam is a common entrance exam for all Faculty of Design Post Graduate program applicants. At this point, there is no distinction made on the specialization selected, each candidate appear for the Part 01: FD PG Common Design Aptitude Test. The duration of the exam will be one hour. The grade received by the applicant for this Stage is carried forward as part of the final assessment and will constitute 30% of the total grade.
    b. After the FD PG Common Design Aptitude Test, candidates appear for the FD PG Subject Specific Design Aptitude Test. The subject-specific design aptitude test is conducted separately for all programs, and candidates applying for individual programs appear for the test. The duration of the exam will be one and a half hour. The grade received by the applicant for this Stage is carried forward as part of the final assessment and will constitute 50% of the total grade.

    Based on the marks received during various stages first merit list is prepared.

Fees & Financial Aid

Fees for Academic Year 2018-19 will be updated soon

Student Financial Aid

Please be informed that you can avail Pre Admission Scholarship (Means cum Merit) by filling up the scholarship form. Scholarships ranging from 25% to 75% of the annual tuition fee will be awarded to selected students from among the eligible applications.

The last date for submission of Scholarship is 20th April 2018

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Students with family income less than Rs. 10 lacs per annum are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship will continue to receive the scholarship for the full duration of the program subject to maintaining a minimum 2.7 SGPA (the equivalent of B-) in every semester and completing all courses in the first attempt.

Important Instructions:

University holds the right to reject the scholarship application, in case of absence of any required supporting documents to be submitted by the applicant. The award of the Scholarship will be announced along with your Admission Offer Letter, however, the amount will be disbursed after one month from the beginning of semester/lectures.

For any further clarification in this regard please contact Admissions Office in below mentioned contact details.

Admissions Office

Phone: 1800-270-4030


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