Master of Business Economics and Competition


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Programme Description

The present economic reality is characterized by a very rapid evolution of the external environment in which the companies operate.

In particular, the emergence of new products and technologies, the intensification of global competition and the emergence of public entities seeking to ensure adequate competition between companies and regulate the operation of specific markets. In this context, organizations feel an increasing need for professionals capable of better understanding and reacting to these phenomena.

The Master's Degree in Business Economics and Competition combines a solid academic background, based on a highly qualified faculty, with a strong application component to the national and sectorial reality, including the participation of several professors with outstanding professional insertion related to the course focus (eg Competition Authority, INE, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Defense, CMVM-Securities Market Commission, AICEP-Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal, ERSE-Entity Regulating Energy Services , ERSAR-Regulatory Authority of Water and Waste Services, ANACOM-National Communications Authority, among other institutions).

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Why Enterprise and Competition Economics at IBS

  1. The master's degree represents a unique offer in the Portuguese university panorama, allowing its students a different position in the job market.

  2. The curriculum is carefully structured to meet the training needs required for high-level professional performance in this area of ​​expertise.

  3. Strong concern to ensure a permanent interconnection between theoretical and methodological concepts with reality, giving materialization to the applied matrix of the course.

  4. Extensive faculty experience in teaching and research in the master's core areas.

  5. Participation in the course of professionals with extensive experience in the scientific areas covered, both in public and private institutions.

  6. Insertion in a school and university (IBS and ISCTE -IUL) that solidly occupy a top position in the postgraduate training in Portugal in the areas of Economics and Management.

  7. Permanent and proximity support by the Course Director.

Investment 2020/2021

The investment in the complete program is 4,000 €:
2,400 € in the 1st academic year and 1,600 € in the 2nd academic year.

The bribe of each year can be paid once or in installments.

Access conditions 2020/2021

• Graduates in Economics or Management who wish to complete their training in the area of ​​specialization proposed here and / or acquire a more applied training;

• Graduates in other areas that have a solid background in quantitative methods and who are interested in developing their knowledge in the areas of Economics and Management;

• Professionals who need to deepen their knowledge, namely consultants; large companies that carry out functions in the areas of planning and strategy; managers of small and medium-sized enterprises; cadres of sectoral organizations and, finally, public administration personnel who carry out functions related to sectorial and corporate action and to the policies of regulation and competition.

Admission Process 2020/2021:

1st Phase January 15th - February 25th $ 50
2nd Phase March 26th - May 6th $ 70
3rd Phase May 28th - July 15th $ 100
4th Phase August 6th - September 2nd $ 150


Paulo Pires
masters.ibs @ ISCTE
Phone: (351) 210 464 115

Last updated Mar 2020

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