Master of Arts in General Management and Leadership


Programme Description

Why Study General Management and Leadership?

With this intensive interactive program, using our unique CORE teaching modular system, you’ll gain a solid foundation in all core management disciplines. The degree is designed for students with minimal or no previous management skills from which you will acquire a skill set that will maximize your career opportunities. In addition, the Master General Management and Leadership has a cross-cultural, hands-on teaching method, providing the perfect balance of practical and people skills, enabling strong leadership skills with intercultural exposure enabling opportunities for a successful global future.


All Facts at a Glance

  • Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Credit Points: 120
  • Duration of Study:
    • 2 Years
    • Reduced study time possible in certain cases of previously completed studies and/or vocational competences.
  • Starting: Annually, starting October
  • Entrance Criteria:
    • Bachelor degree covering a minimum of 180 ECTS
    • You must have a formal university degree (Bachelor, Diploma or Masters) with a final grade of at least 2,5
    • IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 80 or other proof of English proficiency
    • Personal interview
  • Languages: English
  • Tuition Fee:
    • 770 EUR per month
    • One-time registration fee of 750 EUR (1,000 EUR for applicants from countries with visa obligations).

Key Aspects

  • Full-time program
  • Course language: 100% English
  • Integrated study abroad or internship
  • Multicultural classes
  • International guest professors
  • Cooperation with business enterprises

Knowledge – Ability –Implementation

The cultivation of occupational competencies, which are demanded by the labour market, enables you to act independently and successfully.

  • Professional Competence: Learn how to reproduce and link acquired knowledge, correlate practical experience with professional terminology and understand important theories!
  • Methodological Competence: Learn how to use efficient strategies and research Tools on your own!
  • Self-Competence: Continuously improve your professional performance through self-reflection!
  • Social Competence: Learn how to work with the goal- and results-oriented projects in a team!

Course Overview

  • Core subjects including, but not limited to Marketing, Accounting, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Sales Management
  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Applied Research Tools (qualitative and quantitative social research)
  • Entrepreneurship courses enabling students to develop their own business
  • Electives are taken abroad at our partner universities

Your Course of Study - Divided into Modules

Year 1

Module Credit Points
01 Business Administration I 8
02 Business Administration II 8
03 Business Research Methods 8
04 Leadership 8
05 Marketing and Sales Management 8
06 Accounting 4
07 Financial Management Controlling CF 8
08 Operations Management 4
09 Entrepreneurship 4

Year 2

Modules Credit Points
10 Study Abroad or Internship 30
11 Master Thesis 30

Career Prospects

With an emphasis on international aspects, this degree offers graduates the perfect tool for kick-starting their career in industry and to take on a leadership role which can be applied to organizational environments globally, making graduates some of the most employable in industry. Graduates can avail of the startup facilities and support offered by SRH Heidelberg if they choose an Entrepreneurial career.

Last updated Jan 2020

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